The teacup poodle is the smallest type of poodle

Poodle dogs come in different sizes, and kennel associations recognize three basic types of poodles.

Standard poodles

Most people think of the poodle as a small dog, but standard poodle-type puppies can grow up to be quite large adults. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) standards, standard-type poodle dogs must be at least fifteen inches tall from your shoulder, but many of them are twenty inches or more.

Dogs of the standard type are loved by many. Poodle dogs of all kinds are intelligent, friendly, proud, and fiercely loyal pets. Standard Poodles, however, have a large genetic makeup. The standard variety of poodle dogs differs from the smaller poodle types not only by their larger size, but also by their shorter half-life. About 40% of standard poodles die as a result of some type of cancer, although there is no clear trend as to any type of cancer affecting this breed.

There is also a high chance that standard poodle puppies will be born with Addison’s disease, a hormonal disorder that, if left untreated, can lead to cardiac arrest and death. Dogs of the standard poodle type are also susceptible to hip dysplasia, as are other large dogs.

Miniature Poodle Dogs

According to AKC standards, miniature poodles are longer than ten inches at the shoulder, but they are no taller than fifteen inches.

Miniature poodles don’t need large yards to play with, so they are suitable for apartment dwellers. They are known to bark when nervous and therefore make a good watchdog.

Like all types of poodles, miniature type dogs get along well with other dogs and with humans of all ages. They live longer than standard poodles, their average life is about fifteen years. Like the standard poodle, miniature-type dogs are prone to genetic health problems, such as epilepsy or seizures, eye diseases leading to blindness, and knee problems.

Toy poodles

The smallest of the breed are toy poodles that stand ten inches tall or less at the shoulder. There are even smaller varieties, such as the so-called teacup poodle. Toy poodles, the oldest of the types, can live up to eighteen years.

Dog coats

Poodle dogs can have two types of coats. The most common show poodles have curly coats.

Their coats can also be tied, which produces a similar appearance to dreadlocks in humans. Poodles are not known to have lace-up coats in the United States.

The colors of the coats

These dogs are usually black or white, but brown, apricot, silver, beige, cream, blue, and even red poodles can also be seen. For show dogs, only solid colors are allowed.

Poodles are a wide variety of intelligent and friendly dogs that come in different sizes and colors. With so many options, finding the right pet is easy for you.

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