Understanding Nu Skin: Can Nu Skin Really Make Money?

new skin was founded 1984 and is involved in the wellness and skin care industry. They offer various products related to general wellness along with a business or income opportunity. The main question of this review is, can you really make money with the Nu Skin business or income opportunity?

The thing: Nu Skin offers a ton of products related to general wellness, such as oral care, men’s care, cosmetics, sun care, energy and stamina, cell protection, heart health, mood support , immune system support and many more.

1. cortitrol – Cortitrol is a mood enhancing supplement for $42.00 each bottle. It is designed to promote healthy balance of the hormone cortisol and improves feelings of overall contentment and control in stressful environments and supports better concentration and mental focus.

two. BioGinkgo 27/7 – This $33.00 bottle promotes and enhances normal healthy memory, stimulates overall concentration and focus, promotes blood circulation to the brain, and contains natural antioxidants.

3. Nu Skin 180 Facial Cleanser – This face wash cream is 4.2 fl. oz. for $36.00 and is supposed to reduce the appearance of age spots or discoloration, even out skin tone and also improve skin firmness. Contains 10% active vitamin C that helps fight against the effects of aging.

The opportunity: The explanation of the Nu Skin affiliated business or income opportunity is a two-part question. The first, defining and understanding your Compensation Plan. Second, can you really make money from the Nu Skin business or income opportunity?

To get started, you need to sign up as a distributor and take steps to start earning commissions. Nu Skin has payments that occur both weekly and monthly, deposited directly into your bank account. There are three main ways to get paid taking advantage of the Nu Skin business or income opportunity.

1. Fast start payment (weekly) – Nu Skin also sells quick start product packs and allows affiliates to sell them too for a pretty decent profit. The Age LOC Spa Beauty Pack and the Business Builder Packs are the only two quick start product packs Nu Skin offers. If you are able to sell the Age LOC Spa beauty package, you will receive a payment of $100if you are able to sell the Business Builder package, you will receive a payment of $400.

two. Retail Benefits (Weekly) – Until 43% on retail customer purchases.

3. Sales volume of your sales network (monthly) – In order to achieve this type of payment you must be an “active” distributor. To become “active” you must accumulate 250 Personal Group Sales Volume (PGSV). Which means you, your personally enrolled Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, and Distributors must add at least 250 PGSV.

The cost: None! Starting, participating and joining the Nu Skin business opportunity is free. To become a full member of their affiliate program and start earning any kind of commission, you need to earn 100 PSV and make five retail sales per month.

To conclude, you can make money with Nu Skin!

Final Thoughts: Nu Skin has a great line of products as well as a very diverse and huge variety of products or things (what they physically offer). The prices of their products (things) are not too expensive but not very cheap either. Your business or income opportunity is decent but not great! It will take some serious “work” to move up a level or rank and stay active with the company as a distributor.

They only have 3 different payments. On the plus side, they include weekly and monthly payments. The percentage of purchases from retail customers would be nice, as long as it was always 43%, but take note of the fact that it is Until 43%, so you may only get 3% commission on a certain product, which is not ideal!

The cost is fabulous because it is free. However, you HAVE TO get 100 PSV and do FIVE retail sales per month to stay active and earn commissions, so you have to stay that way day in and day out. It may not be difficult, but taking a vacation for a month would be a bit tricky.

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