Water fasting diet plan

Water fasting is the most important type of cleansing and detox diet regimen. On a water fast, you eat almost no food other than water for a set period of time. Water fasting has many health benefits as it allows your entire body to heal itself from all the environmental and nutritional toxins that we ingest. And best of all, it is very affordable as it only requires water. These are the methods you must follow to carry out a water fasting diet plan.

The first part of the water fast is prepared for this. You must choose how long you will fast. Beginners should choose a shorter time to familiarize themselves with the feeling first. Also, fasting for more than 15 consecutive days and nights without specific assistance can be very harmful and is therefore not recommended. Whenever possible, also choose a time when you are not feeling under a lot of stress or doing a lot of activities, as these can quickly deplete your energy. Prepare your system for the fast by minimizing the intake of alcoholic fluids, nicotine, coffee, sugars, dairy products, wheat, animal meat, shellfish, and eggs at least seven days before the fast.

During the entire fasting stage, drink 7 to 10 glasses of purified or disinfected water per day. Do not drink tap water as it contains toxins and chemicals, defeating the goal of your water fast. While fasting, get enough sleep and never overexert yourself at strenuous tasks. Since you are not eating anything, it is typical to experience a decrease in your energy level. You may also encounter various side effects during the water fast, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and tiredness. If the side effects get worse, stop the fast and talk to your doctor right away.

After the fasting period, you cannot eat large amounts of food right away, as your physique will no longer get used to it and it could react adversely. Start with a small meal first and first examine how your physique reacts. It is also recommended to start with foods that are quickly absorbed like fruits before constantly relocating them to those that are tougher, like meats.

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