What are the different VoIP companies that I can start?

Do you want to enter the VoIP industry and open your own VoIP business but are not sure what exactly you want to sell? Here is a guide to the different services you can offer;

Consultation Services for VoIP – Many homes and businesses are switching to VoIP these days because it is so much cheaper. There are so many different VoIP plans and packages that you don’t always know what to choose. By being a consultant, you will help them choose the package that best suits their needs.

VoIP call center solutions – A VoIP call center is a call center hosted by a VoIP provider and not a physical location. By offering VoIP call center solutions, it will help businesses set up call centers so they can handle calls properly, minimize wait time for callers, and improve business efficiency, all while keeping costs low. .

Wholesale VoIP Provider (Wholesale Termination) – Sells VoIP minutes to people so they can make VoIP calls

Prepaid phone cards: you provide an access code with your phone cards so that people can make national and international VoIP calls from their landlines and mobiles without the need for a computer. The customer will need to put their unique pin on the back of the card before they can start speaking. Customers can purchase these calling cards at news agents, local retailers, grocery stores, or online.

You can also offer PIN-less phone cards. With PIN-less cards, the customer will need to enter their access code, but the system will recognize the phone number from which they are calling or has a unique access code, so a PIN is not required.

· IP PBX: An IP PBX is a home or business VoIP system for making internal and external calls. It consists of an IP PBX server, one or more SIP phones or VoIP phones, and sometimes a VoIP gateway. The phones are connected to the server. When someone wants to make an internal call, they will go through the IP PBX server that has a directory of all the phones and their SIP addresses in the system and the call will connect to the recipient. If you want to make an external call using the IP PBX, it can be done with a VoIP gateway or with a VoIP service provider.

The IP PBX business is growing very fast. By becoming an IP PBX service provider, you will help your customers configure their systems.

To provide these services, you will need to purchase or host a VoIP switch. If you are new to the world of VoIP or do not want to invest a lot of money in your business, it is best to host. Your VoIP switch provider will be able to tell you exactly what you will need to start a VoIP business and provide the services you want to offer.

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