What I learned about copywriting, direct marketing and the life of Joe Karbo – The Original Lazy Man

Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches” was an eye-opening journey into this world of direct response marketing.

Joe’s ad story is amazing in its own right. He sold enough copies of his self-published book to become very rich thanks to only long-term control of him. Well done Joe. Before I wanted to read that book, my father responded to the ad, read the book, and subsequently lost it, all before I was born.

It’s funny how events repeat themselves in families, isn’t it?

Since the threads of time have turned, I will share the most important lessons I learned from the expanded and republished “Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.”

Success starts from within. Money is made in your mind long before it appears in your bank account. Joe’s Dyna Psych is a great way to straighten your head so prosperity can come to you. It was the first book I read that made the inside/outside connection so visceral for me.

Since then I’ve been through quite a bit of personal development work. Much of it due to the ideas originally presented in this book.

Direct marketing is a great vehicle for wealth: If you can use the media to acquire customers at a profit, you may have the best sloth business. Joe makes it sound like anyone can put an ad in the newspaper to sell a self-published book for $10 and they’ll get rich.

Joe’s book accomplished this. Ted Nicholas’s “How to Form Your Own Corporation for Under $50” (the number kept rising with inflation) was another runaway hit that made its author rich off his success. But they don’t happen that often.

Direct marketing provides such massive leverage that you don’t have to work as ‘hard’ in the traditional sense to be roaringly successful.

Your story behind the product matters: Since you were buying “The Lazy Man’s Path to Riches” by Joe Karbo, you needed to know Joe’s story, and Joe used his story to great effect. First how he got rich and then how he helped others get rich in the same way.

He allowed anyone with whom Joe has an affinity to join them. His story worked very well to build rapport and also to show that the benefits he offers in his book are lived by him every day. It was a masterstroke.

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