Why do you need a wills attorney?

If you have decided to make a will, but are not sure how to go about it, you only have two options: you can do it yourself (this is a risky option) or you can hire an experienced wills attorney to do it for you. help you make a will. Both options have their own distinct advantages; however, choosing the right option will depend on your specific needs.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

Having an experienced attorney draft your will can give you some peace of mind as you won’t have to struggle to write the will. A good attorney can ensure that the will will comply with state law and provide the best possible tax advantages for your heirs and estate, and will account for the details in your specific circumstances.

In short, you will feel more secure and satisfied that the document made will stand up in court even if it is challenged, and that all your wishes will be carried out as you wish.

When to hire an attorney

There are circumstances where hiring a good attorney to draft the will on your behalf is the least risky option. You should retain an experienced attorney if you have large assets in multiple states or countries, have remarried, have minor children, are in a same-sex relationship, own a small business, or have assets worth more than $2 million or more. you think your will can be challenged. An experienced attorney can also be a very good idea if she does not understand the online forms she purchased or believes the forms do not meet her specific needs.

Advantages of making your will yourself.

The main benefit of drafting a will yourself is that the cost incurred will be very low. Lawyers can generally charge anywhere from several thousand dollars to a few hundred dollars to draft a will. However, the price of do-it-yourself online programs will generally be between $30 and $250. While writing the entire will just for you will cost you nothing. If your bequests and assets are straightforward and very simple, and you’re carefully following state law, writing a will without hiring an attorney should generally not be too much of an issue.


If you decide to write a will without the help of an attorney, be sure to carefully research all applicable state laws, particularly regarding marital inheritance laws, signing the will, and any witness requirements. Also, you should write all of your wishes as clearly as possible because the slightest ambiguity in a will can make it invalid. If you are going to use an online program to draft your will, be sure to read all instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Some of these online programs will ask you to have a lawyer review all of your documents after you have prepared the draft, you should advise them. This will give you additional peace of mind while saving you money.

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