Will any of these 5 things hurt Trump politically?

Many believe that President Donald Trump should be considered, Teflon Don! It seems, no matter what you say and / or do, if it is in the best interest of this nation, in any kind, in a relevant and sustainable way, it makes very little difference, in terms of its popularity, with its political core of supporters / followers / base! In the past, candidates had to resign their candidacy, after scandals, which seemed, much less widespread, than many of those who, this occupant of the White House, appears entangled. During his first term, we have witnessed more members of his administration, and / or campaign, subjected to investigations and / or accused of crimes, etc. There have been numerous reports of irregularities and questionable relationships / behaviors, in terms of external entanglements, his demeanor, with regards to handling the pandemic, his apparent preference for using rhetoric / vitriol, rather than trying to bring others together, for the greater good , etc. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss whether your followers will ever abandon you, regardless of the circumstances, by examining 5 specific things.

1. Revealing your lies about your taxes / finances: It should come as no surprise, on any subject, regarding Mr. Trump’s finances and / or tax returns. After all, New York is infamous for not paying its bills and many of its companies have gone bankrupt. The recent report on your failure to pay your federal income taxes and how your financial statements often differ from what you report to the Internal Revenue Service would have created an uproar, if almost anyone else had been involved, but its core, it seems indifferent!

two. Emails showing coercion to downplay the dangers of the pandemic: Although the President continually downplayed the public health hazards / risks of this horrific pandemic, for a considerable period, Bob Woodward’s interviews clearly indicate, in Trump’s own words, that he knew it was dangerous, from very early on. early, and claimed, to minimize it, so the American public doesn’t panic! How many people took measures that, without knowing it, were risks, therefore, lack of information?

3. His rhetoric / vitriol, and blame / complain: How many times has Trump blamed and complained about others, and claimed to have no personal responsibility? His level of rhetoric, insults and vitriol has created an unprecedented level of polarization.

Four. Russian questions: When will his supporters get sick and tired of the president referring to something he disagrees with as fake news? Although almost all intelligence agencies, and considerable evidence, somewhat strong, have claimed, there was definitely an attempt to influence the 2016 elections, in favor of Trump, and these same experts warn us, of the risk, towards this election. It is worrying, the President continues to deny it! Despite what the Mueller Report actually said, Trump referred to it as exoneration! Often times it seems to everyone except his main followers that the biggest user of alternative facts is the man currently in office.

5. Destroy / attack constitutional guarantees: For generations, Americans have taken certain constitutional guarantees, rights, liberties, and liberties for granted! This doesn’t seem to matter much to President Trump, or many of his loyalists, as long as your agenda / preferences / perceived personal / political priorities, and your own self-interest, are prioritized. If we don’t protect them, what does this nation really stand for and represent?

We live in troubling times because, for a significant percentage of our citizens, it seems to make little difference whether Trump’s behavior is appropriate and / or presidential. Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

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