WordPress Hosting: Best Blogs from the Best Hosting Site

The most successful open source software is probably WordPress. It is a most popular free blogging platform for its advanced services that many users have relied on over the years.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is blogging software that is available for free. You need to download the software and install it in less than 5 minutes. The software is open source, so you can modify it with your own codes. Then you can start blogging with access to dozens of beautiful themes and writing tools. If you wish, you can host your own WordPress on your website, in which case you will need PHP and MySQL hosting for it to work properly. You can also choose to get a free lifetime blog account at WordPress.com and have over 3 gigabytes of storage space for your posts. The software has been best rated for its reliability and ease of use. Download it for free on their website.

The irresistible features

This is what makes WordPress Hosting the best option. In addition to being free and having 3 gigabytes of storage, you’ll have access to a great word processing tool that allows you to create perfect posts rich in embedded images and videos. Import your old content from Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, or an existing WordPress blog and pick up where you left off. Available in over 50 languages, plus the benefits of 24/7 online support, a blogging community, and dedicated servers, this is hands down the best software you can get.

You may need some technical knowledge to avoid errors in handling the program and successfully host your own WordPress blog. However, WordPress Hosting is an irresistible way to get a great blog with amazing features in a few seconds.

If you are not satisfied with the blog hosted for free with a subdomain, you can sign up for an account with a popular host that offers WordPress hosting.

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