10-10 Transformation by Chad Waterbury – Build Muscle Fast Without Expensive Supplements

It’s not often that a training program comes along and completely changes the rules of how things are normally done. This is how I felt after completing Chad Waterbury’s 10/10 Makeover to quickly build muscle and lose fat around my midsection. First of all, you may not know who Chad is, but he has quickly made a name for himself with his innovative and effective workouts.

I judge a strength and conditioning coach not by what they know, but by how they apply it to create programs that deliver real results. I myself have been training for 25 years, so I can judge pretty well if something is just another training or if it is really special when it comes to getting results. Chad is one of the few guys who earned his master’s degree in neurophysiology to create workouts that work beyond anything he’s ever tried. These are not common, we go to the gym and lift some heavy weight routines. These are the smartest and most innovative workouts with real science in the building.

Results come from hard work, perfectly planned routines, and just the right amount of recovery food. There’s no need for expensive supplements when the only raw materials needed for an explosive change come straight from the grocery store.

The 10/10 Transformation takes things a big step forward by pushing you to the point where your body needs to stop and allow recovery. This creates the fastest gains you can ever see. This specific program is 12 weeks long and includes 2 fat loss phases and 2 muscle building phases. Each one is 3 weeks long and is a completely separate diet and workout plan unto itself. What I found most surprising is that during the rapid loss phases I was still gaining muscle. The program also allows 2 cheat meals a week during fat loss phases, so I was still enjoying my large pizza twice a week while watching an inch melt off my waist for the first 3 weeks and my body weight really increased.

The Waterbury 10/10 Transformation is designed to shed 10 pounds of fat while adding 10 pounds of muscle. In the end the scale may have the same number but looking in the mirror there is a radical change like no other. By dropping a couple of inches from the waist and adding muscle to the entire body, it creates an effect more noticeable than anything else. The waist to chest ratio changes resulting in more than 20 pounds of muscle being added.

Chad recently let me know that he is working on a new program that he will also sell as an eBook and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Until the arrival of the new ebook from him, I am going to run the first 6 weeks of the 10/10 again because it is so effective. The 4 3 week phases can be run separately any time you are looking for a quick 3 week fat loss or 3 week muscle building routine. If you don’t want to run the full 12 weeks, you can simply choose one of the 4 phases and run it for 3 weeks, depending on what your goals are.

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