A small brewer in three flirts with bankruptcy

The federation of Belgian brewers is crying out for help. One third of small brewers are on the brink of bankruptcy. Another quarter have serious financial problems.

It is widely known that Belgian brewers are suffering from the corona virus. But with a new study – carried out by the independent research firm Graydon – the Belgian brewing federation shows that the situation is serious. 32 percent of small brewers – less than 50 employees – flirt with bankruptcy. Another 27 percent have payment problems. In absolute figures, 104 screened companies are experiencing financial difficulties. A year ago, 87 percent were still perfectly healthy.

For smaller breweries, the catering closure is harder than it is for the large ones. It is more difficult for them to get onto the shelves of the supermarket. Small breweries are usually more dependent on the catering industry.

Krishan Maudgal, the director of the Belgian Brewers, fervently hopes that the catering industry will be able to reopen on 1 May. The government recently indicated that cafes and restaurants could reopen that day if the number of corona infections continues to decline. In recent days they have been on an upward trend again.

Brasserie de la Senne

In the press release of the brewer’s federation, brewer Yvan De Baets also hopes for a quick reopening. He is the owner of Brasserie de la Senne, one of the most affected brewers in the country. ‘The survival of most breweries is inextricably linked to the opening of the catering industry. A quick reopening is essential to prevent essential actors of the good life in Belgium from being lost forever. Every day counts. ‘

Smaller brewers find it more difficult to get onto the shelves of the supermarket. They are usually more dependent on the catering industry.

The entire sector is affected, including cafes and restaurants. At the beginning of this month, an analysis by Graydon for De Tijd showed that six out of ten Belgian cafes and restaurants that were healthy for corona, one year after the outbreak of the corona virus, are facing serious payment problems. Half of that group flirts with bankruptcy.

The Belgian brewers are standing up for the cafes. “We support a full opening of the establishments on May 1 and the maintenance and strengthening of the support measures,” says Maudgal. ‘Belgian Brewers also supports the appeal of the managers of cafes and restaurants who want to open their terrace during the Easter holidays while retaining the support measures.’

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