Acend wins first European round of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour Masters

Valorant passed a new milestone this weekend in its esports development by putting an end to the first stage of its Masters. Divided into nine different regional zones, the latter have brought together dozens of teams around an overall cash prize of several hundred thousand dollars.

In Europe, eight structures faced each other for nearly two weeks in a group stage where the two best teams from each of them reached the final playoffs. No less than 150,000 dollars were involved in addition to many points counting in the general classification of the Champions Tour.

Despite the absence of a few big names such as G2 Esports or Team Liquid (both of which failed to secure their qualification), the field turned out to be formidable with the presence of Team Heretics, Guild Esports, FunPlus Phoenix or the Ninjas in Pajamas of our compatriot Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans.

Unfortunately, the Belgian and his teammates will not be able to pass the first stage of the competition. Poured into Group A, the five men will win a victory against Acend before collapsing twice, first against Team Heretics and then against Acend in a decisive rematch. NiP therefore left the tournament with a disappointing top 5-6 and will now have to step up a gear in order to get back to the general standings of this Valorant Champions Tour.

The playoffs of this first round of the European Masters were inaugurated with a duel between Team Heretics and Guild Esports. The first, starting with the bookies’ preferences, was able to make its rank as the world’s top team speak by winning 2-0 (13-10 on Haven and 13-7 on Ascent).

In the other semi-final, it was FunPlus Phoenix who stood up against Acend. The latter, a surprise outsider of the competition, continued to impress by eliminating, despite the loss of the first card, his opponent of the day! A 2 to 1 victory (7-13 on Bind, 13-6 on Ascent and 14-12 on Icebox) which therefore propels the team to the grand final of the tournament.

This final duel of the competition held its rank by offering the hoped-for spectacle to the many fans present in front of the various broadcasts. It was indeed necessary to go to the end of BO5 to see one of the two teams emerge. And it is again the Petit Poucet of the competition, Acend, who will thwart all predictions by paying the scalp, at the end of the suspense, of Team Heretics: 7-13 on Split, 13-9 on Bind, 9 -13 on Haven, 14-12 on Icebox and 13-11 on Ascent.

The European structure, formerly known as “Raise Your Edge Gaming” and transformed for the occasion, therefore won its first title during its first official release, in the process earning the first $ 60,000 in its history. Small consolation, the only team that managed to defeat Acend during these Masters was that of our compatriot in the decisive round for access to the playoffs!

Acend quickly made a name for himself on the competitive Valorant scene thanks to this Masters. It remains to be seen how the motley line-up will manage this success and this sudden highlight.

The interest of big world teams should in any case not be long in coming for a possible recruitment of the five men …

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