After horizontal integration, Cilyx aims for vertical

The group active in production robotics through its companies Citius Engeneering and Ciseo integrates IRA, producer of sorting machines.

Originally, Citius Enegeneering was the result of the merger of several entities that intended to develop their skills across the entire supply chain. production of machines and robots, from design to maintenance, for the industrial, aeronautical and space sector in particular. In 2017, it joined the services of Ciseo to complete its portfolio and its range in the life sciences and biotechs.

With IRA, the Cilyx group, which oversees Citius and Ciseo, further strengthens through vertical integration. “As much as Ciseo was complementary in another sector of activity in the field of robotics, so much IRA strengthens us upstream of our production”, specifies Gregory Reichling, co-CEO of Cilyx.

“We are always on the lookout for external growth opportunities, even if this is not a determined strategy.”

Gregory Reichling

co-CEO of Cilyx

IRA indeed provided to the two group entities the distribution systems that supply the robots. “For robots to perform well, the parts must arrive at the right pace and in the right position. This is the role of the vibrating bowls in particular that IRA manufactures”, remarks Reichling.


At the end of his career and without a natural successor, the owner of IRA preferred to sell the company. “We had contacts on this subject a few years ago. But it was still too early”, notes Reichling. “We have gradually grown by acquisition or merger. We are always on the lookout for external growth opportunities, even if this is not a determined strategy. “

€ 12 million

Strengthened by the integration of IRA, Cilyx will post an overall turnover of 12 million euros.

Founded in 2009, Citius Engeneering has gradually grown stronger, first through the takeover of Engiconcept in Charleroi in 2012. Specializing in mechanical design, it offers consultancy services. In 2014, it is KST Process which joins Citius with a strong experience in the field of test benches and industrial systems. In 2017, Citius took over, with Lasea and Unisensor, the activities of Wow Technology to make it Ciseo, specializing ine development of specific production equipment and special machines and in the production of medical laboratory equipment for the biotech sector.

Ultimately, the IRA facilities currently located in Wanze will join the rest of the group in Sart Tilman science park, on the edge of Liège University Park. The construction of a new building, delayed by the health crisis, should make it possible to accommodate Ciseo’s teams and workshops in the second part of the year. And so those of IRA at the end of the year.

Thus reinforced, Cilyx will post an overall turnover of 12 million euros for 85 people.

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