Ancient codes reveal the secret of health, immunity to COVID and perpetual youth at any age

“And now I give you a new commandment: that you love one another”: John 13-34

These revealing words at first glance seem noble and direct. But, on further reflection, they raise compelling questions. Such as: why do we need a new commandment given, we already have ten commandments for Moses – Moses means, you/me as a moral man.

In grasping the understanding of the ‘new commandment’, one must esoterically consider a fact of human life: that each of us comes into this world spiritually inactive, spiritually asleep in mortal bodies with mortal minds.

This article will decode the term ‘commandment(s)’ and address how gaining immunity against COVID is our latent ability.

But first,

1 Corinthians 15:35-58 ‘man is first natural, then spiritual’.

Corinthians makes it esoterically obvious that John 13-34 is not referring to loving every person in the world with human emotional love as such.

Rather, because of the inherited ‘natural man/mortal mind’ standard, John 13-34 is entirely about individual change, transformation, a caterpillar-butterfly-like metamorphosis. And, as we shall see, this ‘change’ changes everything beyond the status of ‘natural man/mortal mind’ – ‘man’ being the symbolism for ‘mind’.

Due to the accumulation of transgressions of the natural man, prior to the spiritual awakening, a direct conscious relationship with God was not possible. But now, the ‘new commandment’ reveals precisely how one arrives at the spiritual man/mind, realized as direct perception in consciousness; how this internal change changes the entire physiology from ‘natural’ to spiritual, from base metal to gold, from mortal to immortal, now, in this incarnation, and that once it occurs, the state is never lost.

What are the commandments?

The Commandments, though they appear to be ten separate dictates, represent universal laws, the innumerable immutable laws of nature, immutable laws that are responsible for the ever-changing phenomenal world and the evolution of all creation. The ‘new commandment’, therefore, is not an addition to the familiar ten commandments, but they are one and the same All incorporated.

Let’s crack this:

Digit 1 = Man + digit 0[Divine] = 10, which means Completeness. The intermediate digits 2 — 9 represent the evolution of 1 — man/natural mind — to 10, therefore undivided or complete. Singular Commandment is therefore directive, which means the relentless flow of directional wisdom. An interior sample of the path of how to live spiritually.

With 10 the symbolism of Fullness, Completeness, therefore, ten-10, as a Commandment, represents our means towards the consciousness of Unity, towards the standard of eternal Law. In other words, instead of reading as rules of ten separate commandments, it should ideally be understood as ‘Commandment of 10’ – commandment of Unity, of Unconditional Love, of Completeness, of 1+0 = 10.

Therefore, the New Commandment is reinforcing man’s imperative towards wholeness, towards the fullness of consciousness. A soul in perfect harmony with the laws of nature, although simultaneously beyond: a soul-spiritual concordance with the innumerable laws that do not deviate, but that is still free from the clutches of the ‘natural man’.

Established in eternal life, the Heart naturally retains Its commandment of Love only for cosmic-spiritual creative expression. Like the caterpillar, the imperative for humans is the liberation of the soul from the cocoon of karmic bondage to the eternal state of Butterfly of Love, and thus liberation from compelling transgressions of the laws of nature and related suffering. .

So, let us break this verse into more digestible parts, after which we will simplify the decoded language and expose exactly what part of human physiology this new commandment alludes to, and how Alchemy is practically carried out.

John 13-34 decoded

“Jesus said” – the Biblical name ‘Jesus’ is a title given that refers to the Ideal, or Perfect Man or Mind, the latent Christ Potential within each soul awaiting ‘spiritual birth’ into consciousness. The words that follow “Jesus said” are Higher Wisdom: emanations of the innate Potential: Perfect Mind.

‘AND’ – consequence of inner awakening

‘Now’ – eternal present moment

‘YO’ – Potential Consciousness – Higher “I” in opposition to the “I” of the lower ego.

‘Give’ – directive wisdom or divine revelation

‘You’ – to our brain in spiritual evolution

“IN’ – specific

‘New’ – ability of Pure Awareness that was not possible before in the ‘natural man’ standard.

“Domain” Vibrational resonance of Love: configuration of the nervous system facilitating Pure Consciousness directly.

“Love each other” – Integration of the 12 cranial nerves in the brain: an alchemical process within the human nervous system.

In other words

“And now” – realizing the Higher Self.

Yo – Consciousness as ‘I Am’ the eternal consciousness.

“to give you” – revelation in our spiritual Self.

“new” – ability to know eternal life beyond the state of spiritually asleep ‘natural man’.

“commandment” – Directive: omniscient intelligence/wisdom beyond human deduction or comprehension.

“Love each other” Arousing the mechanisms in the brain and nervous system to resist a higher state of consciousness – transcendental consciousness – while still in the world of relative ‘time’, thus harmonizing the inner faculties – brain/nervous system – with the constant laws of nature, the commandments.


And now [in the Transcendent Moment] give [infuse] to consciousness — to mind/nervous system/physiology, a higher vibration from which to spiritually evolve — that of pure transcendental consciousness, hence the immortal state.

Kundalini, 12 Apostles and the 12 Cranial Nerves

It is interesting that Jesus, in John 13-33, addresses the apostles: “you [as natural man] I cannot go where I am going.” Then in John 13-34 he reveals exactly how we got to where he IS and how to access ‘where I am going’ is by initiating a new commandment state in consciousness.

The 12 apostles, of course, are not 12 individual persons. They represent one’s internal means towards the whole; in numerology, 12, 10, 7, 3 represent completeness. Therefore, the ‘apostles’ are titles or symbolisms that represent aspects of the brain and its potential for spiritual development, along with the spine. Therefore, the spine is the most important link between the brain, the body and the higher states of consciousness.

The apostles and cranial nerves are therefore one and the same dynamic, each designed to generate a creative physiological unit for divine expression: ‘followers’ or neural conduits that facilitate spiritual life or living through the Holy Spirit. . These 12 combined faculties, together with the spinal column, constitute the central nervous system responsible for the coordination of the entire physical body and its cosmically aligned activity.

There is also the peripheral nervous system: a network of nerves, neurons, or nadis that connect the body with the central nervous system. Thus, the human nervous system is the highest in creation,

Interestingly, we have a second ‘brain’ center located in the belly called the solar plexus, which means solar grid: center for the integration of anger and other vital duties related to the spiritual evolution of the soul.

When Jesus in John 13-34 says “and now I give you a new commandment” in practical terms, this ‘New’ is about awakening the brain’s nerve network specifically to a higher state of rejuvenation, to neural pathways connecting all faculties physiological and mental. optimally These nerve centers serve an orderly purpose: they facilitate transcendence beyond the physical body into eternal consciousness while still inhabiting the physical body.

Therefore, the new commandment is about the awakening of the kundalini, the alchemical miracle that rewires the brain. known as [the] Ascension or Resurrection [of consciousness]This kundalini event, having been channeled through the spine, triggers the vital process of awakening the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain, which then awaken and move the cranial nerves into spiritual service, thus establishing a consciousness of eternal bliss.

Two states of consciousness simultaneously

Fluctuating mainly between waking, dreaming and deep sleep, through the knowledge of the new awareness of the commandments, the central nervous system is given a new configuration, an arrangement that was not previously known, that of maintaining the awareness of eternal bliss. without losses; the nervous system with two states of consciousness standing simultaneously – relative [laws of nature] and absolute [beyond laws of nature] — before it was not possible at the level of ‘natural man’.

The Bible refers to such as the Truth. In other words, the New Commandment, a realization within consciousness, becomes the established Truth in everyday life, therefore, [the] The truth will make you free [from the binding influence of natural man, the spiritually asleep or animalistic state of consciousness].

Two questions

In the context of the above writing referring to the brain and central nervous system, two obvious questions arise: how do we ‘love each other’ in practice, love the 12 faculties and how do we initiate this process?

Fortunately, Luke 9-48 provides the answer.

jesus said [unto the apostles] – the 12 cranial:

“The smallest among all of you is the greatest”

The term ‘minimal’ refers to taming the intellect fueled by the ever roaming lower ego to point consciousness. To bring the 12 brain faculties to ‘less among all of you’ is to minimize the scattered intellect, honing it to ‘aim’, whose converging focus in the midbrain expands the mind’s conscious capacity to withstand greater amounts of cosmic life force. or Happiness. Honing the Roaming Intellect initiates the Resolute Intellect state. The practice unifies the faculties of the brain – 12 apostles – allowing pure awareness to reflect through all of physiology– to include the immune system.

‘Love one another’, therefore, is about the convergence of consciousness to the point, when the mental mechanisms switch to spiritual mode, ascend to a higher state, from animal to cosmically oriented. Becoming lesser thus brings mental/spiritual harmonization, thus achieving: “the least among all of you is the greatest”, this is how the ‘New Commandment’ reaches the individual consciousness authentically.

Youth awareness at any age

The first law of the universe is order, therefore, by exposing the chaotic mind to cosmic harmony in meditation, the karmic patterns of the ‘natural man’ are integrated, depotentialized with respect to the future negative activity of the seed- fruit.

In the ‘point’ or ‘minimum’ meditative state, the immune system is also brought to the level of cosmic order, to the immensity of strength and wisdom, when it prepares itself for an immediate protective response against coronavirus and foreign antigens. that enter the body.

Thus, with optimal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems, disease-free cellular health is created and youthful consciousness is physiologically preserved; when the 0-infused point or intellect expands consciousness to support Perfection, optimal health is therefore generated. Thus, meditation, which establishes new commandments, is the master key to perpetual love and youthful awareness. Our mental state rooted in eternal happiness and natural health, at any age.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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