Are the ads on AstraZeneca holding back Belgians in vaccination centers? “A trend was accentuated this Tuesday morning”

“This trend is still a little accentuated” this Tuesday morning, tempered Yvon Englert, the general delegate of the Walloon covid-19 cell.

According to the latter, the European database on vaccines identified, this weekend, 13 thromboses out of 3 million vaccinated people and its British equivalent reported 30 cases out of 10 million vaccinated. “I think that we are essentially confronted with an irrational domino effect. We must be right: there is no AstraZeneca threat on the population which is being vaccinated. But it is perhaps too rational a speech whereas emotional elements also come into play, “said Yvon Englert.

Nevertheless, “this vaccine, on which we were counting to speed up our vaccination campaign, worries us because the delivery restrictions announced and the sword of Damocles hanging over the continuation of its use plunge us again into uncertainty”, – he continued by sweeping aside the question of a possible “delay” of Wallonia compared to Flanders. “These comparisons don’t really make sense. What matters is whether you’re doing the best you can,” Englert said.

“We turned to the WHO. We also had contacts with the EMA. We asked the advice of the Superior Health Council and the Vaccination task force. All are in the same direction and advise to continue to use AstraZeneca. The best way to act is to rely on the expertise of scientists “, for her part defended Minister Morreale.

Long questioned by various regional parliamentarians, she returned in detail to the Walloon vaccination campaign, its wanderings and its successes.

“Since March 13, we no longer have any cluster in nursing homes, a little over a year to the day after having closed them to visitors,” she congratulated herself. “And in the current phase – which aims to vaccinate those over 65 in about 6 weeks – we realize that the wait is immense. We have chosen to open up the reservation slots as we go along. fill up very quickly. To date, 130,000 invitations have already been sent. The rest will follow in the coming weeks “, underlined Christie Morreale.

“A lot of things have already been done in terms of communication and we are trying to reach everyone by multiplying the channels”, she finally assured, in response in particular to the cdH which requested a “massive effort” of information and transparency vis-à-vis the population.

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