Article Distribution Channels: Beyond Article Directories for Newsletter Publishers

Popular article directories promise exposure not only to your site visitors, but also to other site owners and ezine publishers. While you can certainly post and forget and let the directories do the work, I will reveal a method that can help you greatly increase your exposure.

Do not misunderstand. Article directories have given me excellent results. I get direct traffic from them, my articles are used in ezines and also sent to other readers. I can not be happier.

However, what I have learned over the years is that by limiting article distribution to one or a few article directories, I am not getting the most out of article marketing. The Internet is too big for any site to dominate on its own.

I recommend not going everywhere with just one article. That certainly won’t work, especially with the search engine penalty on duplicate content nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t post it more than once.

What I suggest is to always look for new distribution channels for your articles. The opportunities are open. If you can reach more prospects and customers that you might not otherwise be able to reach through your existing distribution channels, why should you avoid them?

After all, you already wrote the content once. You may have to rewrite that or make it longer or in a different format, but compare to the results you will get, that’s a no-brainer.

So go ahead, keep doing what you already do, but try to expand your reach. You may not believe what you see, but the sky is actually the limit.

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