Associate your business with a registered office address and get business benefits

It is mandatory (from a legal perspective) for UK registered companies to use a UK registered address where government agencies can send official documents such as regulatory letters, court documents etc. The address of the registered office will be registered in the Mercantile Registry.

When a company is incorporated, it is assigned a registered office address that is recorded in the public registry, such as Companies House. All official correspondence (letters and reminders) takes place at this address.

However, there are many small businesses/commercial establishments that do not wish to use their addresses as a registered address for official communications. This is because an effective and prestigious business management plays a crucial role in creating a good image of a company in the eyes of customers. In addition, an effective registered office address ensures fast and reliable delivery and receipt of official correspondence. All office documents received at the registered address are sent to the customer’s designated address. Small businesses can use this address on their business stationery.

There are many companies that offer Address of registered office service to such small companies. For example, a small business run by a single manager from home can take advantage of this service to improve business efficiency by ensuring reliable official correspondence. The director can use this separate business address to receive routine documents from Companies House and Inland Revenue.

Tea registered office address service it is useful for UK businesses owned by people residing outside of the UK. It is a legal requirement for a UK company to have a UK registered address. Therefore, these companies can take advantage of this service and run their businesses without any hassle.

Businesses using the registered address service should be careful not to use the address as a ‘business address’ for their general mailings.

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