“Badger in the Thicket – Hare Hunger”: A forest thriller

Dachs, the chief of the forest police, and his assistant are sitting at the counter in the “Hollow Tree”. You have just ordered a delicious earthworm carpaccio and are swaying to “Schwap ‘n’ Schrapp” when a murder is reported on the frog radio. The forest policeman rushes to the alleged crime scene and finds a tuft of rabbit fur, a bit of blood and gnawed bones. And the rabbit has disappeared! Naturally, the wolf is suspected, but Dachs is an old, clever investigator and has doubts. Because why is Jote Coyote, former bandit and now host of the tavern, so nervous? And didn’t the two owls under the table drink their “fly fliptail” rather inconspicuously? Question after question in this exciting and funny forest thriller, which is perfect for all fans of detective stories.

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