Burn more fat FASTER! Nordic walking is the key

You may not realize how important it is to your health to incorporate walking into your daily exercise routine. The thought of running on a treadmill or going to the gym can make many of us yearn for the couch. Just going for a walk around the block is actually a great motivator to start any exercise routine and health regimen.

Nordic Walking is simply walking with poles! According to CBS- The Early Show, Nordic Walking originated in Finland and quickly spread throughout Europe and became exceptionally popular in Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Exercise physiologist and certified Nordic walking instructor Martica Heaner says that Nordic walking wasn’t introduced to the US until 2004.

Actually, it is completely normal to see the streets full of walkers and sticks all over Finland! The best way to explain what Nordic Walking really is would be to visualize cross country skiing, now forget about skis completely and this is what Nordic Walking looks like and where it came from. A group of cross-country skiers developed Nordic Walking when they were trying to train during the off-season for skiing. Little did they know that this would be a contagious fitness trend.

How does adding poles to your walking routine increase the fitness benefits? Using special Nordic poles actually propels the body with more intense power than walking without poles. Canes are an extension of your arms, so they help balance, support, and push you faster and further in your gait.

Working out can seem extremely routine: get up early, get dressed, hit the gym, hit the treadmill for 45 minutes, work out key muscle groups for another 45 minutes, come home, shower, and start your day. If you’re like most people, this daily grind eats up your time. Wouldn’t it be a gift to have a productive workout to burn more calories in less time?

I’m going to assume that most of our readers are nodding in agreement, yes! Who wouldn’t want to burn calories in less time and have a change in exercise routine? Nordic Walking uses both the upper and lower body while building muscular strength and endurance. Combine that with some intensely high cardio and watch the calories melt away!

The biggest drawback to working out in a gym is the limited atmosphere that keeps our minds busy as we sweat and pant during our workouts. New England is known for incredible views in the great outdoors: mountains, foliage, spring flowers, oceans, and scenic byways like Rt 100.

According to a study from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, the benefit of Nordic walking is at least twenty percent more energy expenditure than fast walking. Nordic walking has become popular among older and younger athletes because it relieves muscle tension and promotes a balanced posture. Jay Willey, a trainer at the Paul Derda Center says, “I’ve had people ages fifteen to eighty-seven,” he says. “They’ve all had a ball!”

Working out on your own can be the perfect getaway or a time when your mind is consumed with the events of the day. Having a training partner to accompany you throughout your routine keeps your mind active and allows time to fly by! Nordic Walking is great to do with a friend or even join a Nordic Walking group which can increase your motivation to start any fitness program.

Whether you’re an avid runner who needs to change up your routine or a senior who just enjoys a walk on a beautiful day, walking is the perfect activity for any fitness level. Using your walking muscles and extra cardio will improve your health and energy level for more activities. Adding poles to your walking helps people with joint problems, knee problems, and those who need extra balance and support during their exercise.

According to an article on CBS-The Early Show, “Research from the Cooper Institute in Dallas found that a person can burn more than forty percent more calories when Nordic Walking compared to walking without poles.” Interestingly, research shows that “a person who could burn about 350 calories walking for an hour could burn up to 500 calories using the Nordic walking technique. Or they could burn the same number of calories in less time.” : Walking for forty minutes without poles is roughly equivalent in calories to walking for twenty-five minutes using Nordic walking techniques.”

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