Crane Hook Safety Latches: 5 Important Things To Know When Sizing A Safety Latch

What are some attributes of a deadbolt?

Firstly, in industrial products like a crane hook safety latch, the use of steel provides the end user with the security of a strong and durable product. Your crane hook safety latch will no doubt take a few hits doing its job week after week, month after month, year after year. A steel latch will still be able to function and provide a durable spring return latching mechanism in the open throat of a crane hook. When properly sized, it will protect those working with a crane hook and around the area where the hook might carry an item.

Where do I start to size a deadbolt?

Second, it is very important to get the correct hook dimensions where someone may be looking to fit a new crane hook safety latch. The “neck” dimension is often the first information that the inspecting dealer needs to obtain. The inspecting seller will then need to determine the dimension of the “throat” opening. Third, it is important to distinguish neck dimension as neck circumference or neck diameter. The Circumference is the dimension obtained by placing a tape measure around the Neck of the Hook, where the Crane Hook Safety Latch is intended to be placed. The Diameter is the distance from one side to the other and can be obtained by placing a ruler or tape measure in front of the Neck of the Hook. It requires the person taking the measurement to be accurate. So if someone intends to get a measurement, they should not rush the process, and if possible, they can ask someone else to look at the measurement and verify the given size.

What kind of hook do I have?

The fourth thing to worry about is the configuration of the Hook that we have. Is it a single sided hook or a double sided hook, commonly known as a “brother hook”? This should be recorded on your RFQ (Request for Quotation) in the body of the description. The information will allow the crane hook safety latch sizing and pricing person to select the proper components early on while making their proposal. The fifth item you need to know is the width of the hook. Is this a standard hook width like those commonly seen on the manufacturing floor of facilities across the country and world? Or are we describing a larger, more massive hook with a wide base area? Many hooks have been designed to hold ladles or buckets. These hooks require a wider gate to ensure that the item the hook is holding does not slip out. The designs can come with a number of features; One important feature to ask for is the finger lugs. This feature allows the operator to push open the crane hook safety latch while keeping fingers clear of the hook sling or harness or press against the safety latch while removing or loading. Your crane hook safety latch dealer can provide more information and help you obtain the design that best meets your specific needs.

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