Déjà-vu – Nova Rock canceled again this year

Due to the lack of prospects, the Nova Rock Festival cancels this year’s edition, which should have taken place between June 2nd and 5th. The organizer had not received any information from the federal government as to whether major events could be held in June: “A certificate of poverty that makes any further comment superfluous,” the statement said. The next edition is now scheduled to be held from June 9th to June 12th, 2022.

After months of waiting in vain for a decision by the government, today we are experiencing “again one of those days that gives us all absolutely no joy”. The hanging game forced the organizer to “make this decision with a heavy heart” and not allow the traditional concert series, with an emphasis on rock of the somewhat harder pace, to take place on the Pannonia Fields in northern Burgenland.

“Requests were ignored”

It would be in the hands of politicians “to make these decisions, but on the other hand the assumption is growing daily that such bad news would be left to someone else, namely us. Our requests and demands have been completely ignored to date,” explains that Organizing team of Austria’s largest rock festival around Barracuda Music boss Ewald Tatar.

Information on planning and on how to proceed with the handling of tickets that have already been purchased will be approached as soon as possible to the prevented festival visitors. “It will be really interesting to see if and when we will get announcements regarding all July and August events,” says the letter. In countries like England, the Netherlands or Switzerland, there are currently “positive prospects” in this regard.

Headliners such as System of a Down, Volbeat, Seiler and Speer, Deichkind, Billy Talent and Muse had already announced themselves for the four days of Nova Rock 2021. (apa)

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