Do You Tip For a Massage at a Spa?

Tip For a Massage at a Spa

If you’ve had a fabulous massage, it is normal to feel relaxed and energized after the treatment. But you may be wondering whether it is proper to leave a tip for the masseuse, or if it’s already included in the price of your service.

The answer to the question “do you tip for a massage at a spa?” largely depends on where you go to get a rubdown. Many health or destination spas and resorts where you spend a night incorporate a gratuity of 18-20% into the price of your facial or massage. You can also choose to tip extra in the treatment room if you believe your therapist has done an outstanding job.

In addition to this, a massage spa is usually a lot more expensive than a massage in a clinical or medical setting. Often times a clinical massage is referred to you by your doctor and the intention of the visit is to treat a specific condition or pain. In contrast, a massage in a spa setting has no clear end goal other than to relax you and de-stress you.

Do You Tip For a Massage at a Spa?

Therefore, in a spa setting it is customary to tip your therapist 20% of the overall cost of the service. This is especially true if you feel the therapist has gone above and beyond, says etiquette expert Valerie Sokolosky in an article for Reader’s Digest. In general, a therapist will be able to tell you how much time is left in the session, so that you can calculate the appropriate tip based on the services rendered.

It is not always possible to tip, and if this is the case you should consider giving your therapist a gift instead. A personal gift is a great way to show your appreciation for their work and can be much cheaper than leaving a cash tip. For example, if you know your massage therapist is an avid reader you could give them a new book that they will enjoy and a thank you note.

A final thing to keep in mind is that most therapists prefer that tips be given in cash. This allows them to receive the tip directly and avoid the hassle of adding it to their paycheck. It’s not uncommon for a spa to have this policy in place, and if that is the case you should ask about it at the front desk before you begin your treatment.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to tip your therapist, but regardless of your decision don’t let the worry about money spoil your experience at the spa. You deserve to have a relaxing and enjoyable massage!

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