Dragon Age Origin Plot Elements: What to Keep and What to Sell

In Bioware’s Dragon Age Origins RPG you can give gifts to your colleagues so that they like and trust you more. Some elements have a greater impact than others. The plot elements are the most important and should not be sold.

For Alistair, you should be aware of “Alistair’s mother’s amulet” and “Duncan’s Shield”, they are elements of his plot and should not be sold. Also, Alistair loves statues, so if you do come across them, be sure to give them to him when you’re at camp. If you have Return to Ostagar, you can also get the “Chalice of Binding”, which is another of Alistair’s main items.

The dog has no special plot elements. It is good to note that the dog always has a 100% approval rate, so he can give his gifts to other members of the group. If you want to give him gifts, look for different bones.

Leliana loves everything that has to do with Andraste. If the item has Andraste in its name, give it to Leliana. Their main items are “Andraste’s Grace” and “Cute Nug”, so don’t sell them. Andraste’s Grace is a flower that can be found in various places. The easiest is in Redcliffe Village, just look for a flower.

Morrigan has 3 plot elements: “Black Grimoire”, “Flemeth’s Grimoire” and “Golden Mirror”. If you are in the Tower of the Circle, be sure to check out the Greater Magi Rooms for the “Black Grimoire.” Also, Morrigan loves jewels like the golden charm and the locket.

Sten only has one main element called “Sten’s Sword” and he loves all the paintings in the game. Oghren loves anything that contains alcohol. Shale Loves anything with the word “Remarkable” in it. Zevran loves any type of gold or silver bullion and has a plot element called Antivan Leather Boots.

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