EA Sports Confirms FUT Card Fraud, Will Further Investigate

The controversy aroused last week accusing one or more employees of EA Sports of illegally selling FUT cards to certain players has unfortunately been confirmed by the publisher of the game!

So it would seem that a parallel market, run by someone in-house, has allowed a few opportunists, for a certain amount of money, to illegally acquire rare cards in the “Ultimate Team” game mode. of FIFA.

This is in any case what the publisher of the game announced in a statement published on its website. He also claims to be only at the beginning of his investigation! The facts are now proven, EA Sports will now push its investigations to find the culprit (s) and take the appropriate measures.

Regarding the accounts of players who have benefited from these advantages, they will be quite simply banned and their owner (if identified) excluded from any official competition.

“The alleged behavior is unacceptable and we do not condone the granting or purchasing of player items in exchange for money. This practice goes against the competitive integrity of the game and is a violation of the game. EA User Agreement. ” can we read in the press release.

So far, these actions would only concern ” a very low number of accounts and objects “. But the fraud is serious enough for EA Sports to continue its search for the culprit (s).

The editor also specifies that this kind of practice is sometimes tolerated (the direct action of EA on an individual account). This is particularly the case when a player accidentally deletes content from his account, or simply in the event of a technical problem leading to the disappearance of an object. Sometimes tests are also done on the servers and then cause the developers to deliver content to certain people.

Finally, some athletes, partners or employees of the house can also acquire certain cards via a discretionary grant from the publisher. System which is currently suspended until further notice.

Finally, the press release ends with these few lines: “Once again, we greatly appreciate the engagement and support of the FIFA community to help us identify this issue and we will continue to provide updates as the investigation progresses towards its conclusion.” .

On the other hand, despite all the empathy displayed by the publisher, no information has filtered out concerning a possible compensation for the players who have remained in the nails and therefore potentially harmed by this story.

Now all that remains is to wait for the conclusion of the investigation to know all the ins and outs of this story …

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