ESL launches player council for its Pro League

ESL takes a big step forward in favor of professional structures evolving in its circuit dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! For the first time in its history, the iconic organizer will give official decision-making power to players engaged in the ESL Pro League.

The “Commissioner’s Office” and the ESL have just announced the creation of a “Players’ Council” bringing together the twelve permanent teams of its flagship competition! Each having appointed one of its players as official representative of the structure, all now have a vote in the decisive votes concerning the competition.

This council, a sort of players’ union, will therefore be able to influence the decisions of the organizer and make its point of view heard on the major changes proposed by the ESL.

Anxious to put its competitors in the foreground, this concept could be brought to evolve in the future so that the players are heard and listened to.

In detail, here is what this novelty will allow players:

  • Learn about the business side of the industry, understand how and why decisions are made, and get proactively involved in shaping the league.
  • Advocate for change, improvement and the establishment of new standards within the ESL Pro League for all participating teams across the world.
  • Help improve conditions for current and future players by setting standards which, for example, include PC configurations, training facilities, accommodation, transportation, hospitality, comfort, preparation and performance.
  • Openly approach the board with ideas, comments and criticism.

Unlike Valve and its announcements at the start of the year, ESL seems to be taking a cue from teams and redefining how players are involved in decision-making. The organizer has understood that the well-being of the players involved in its competitions is essential today and must be at the center of all attention!

This council met for the first time at the end of February to reveal the identity of the players serving as ambassadors for their structure. These will now meet four times a year and are not expected to move for two years, except in the event of a transfer of one of the players.

The first meeting having made it possible to lay the foundations, the second is already scheduled for the month of May 2021 and will, this time, get fully into the heart of the matter.

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