Exam 000-529 – IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0, Application Development

IBM 000-529 is one of IBM’s intermediate certification courses that is designed for technical professionals. This course is best suited for IT professionals who are interested in learning IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0, Application Development for New Application Development. These professionals should gain some practical experience implementing and designing business solutions using the IBM websphere application. This certification is also better suited to developers in the information technology field because this course is about developing new applications using the IBM application.

Developers need to get some of the additional experiences and some of them are:

  • Design the rule project
  • Rule orchestration
  • Rule Execution Integration
  • Rules testing and simulation using DVS
  • Use of product modules such as decision warehouse, DVS, RTS, rule study, RSO

Prerequisites for 000-529:

To become certified with the 000-529 certification, candidates must meet the following prerequisites and they are:

  • Strong knowledge in Java
  • Basic knowledge in SOA
  • Object-oriented concepts

Course objectives:

The following are the course objectives and the percentage of grades for each section.

1) Rule of authorship: 28% of questions

2) Design rule: 26% questions

3) Execution rule: 21% of questions

4) Validation rule: 16% of questions

5) Implementation rule: 10% questions

Additional information about the course:

This exam is also available in Japanese and can be taken anywhere in the world. Candidates who prefer to write the exam in Japanese should mention the same during registration. The exam consists of 53 questions and the duration is approximately 1 hour. The minimum passing score is 60% and the certification will be issued by IBM within 3 weeks of successfully passing the exam.

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