Facts You Never Knew About Top-Rated Skincare Products

Every day we see many of the world’s most famous and popular skin care products advertised on television; on billboards; on the sides of buses and trains and in fashion magazines. We see sports stars and famous movie celebrities featured in many of these advertisements, and many of us are easily persuaded to follow their example.

One of my favorite publicity stunts is the frequent use of “Before” and “After” photos. You already know the ones where a real (Before) photo of a celebrity or star is taken before they spend three or four hours with a professional makeup artist to prepare them for the “After” photo. Actually, I’m not sure why they bother with makeup artists because photos get retouched after anyway.

A very good friend of mine does web design, and believe me; can make me look 30 years younger than I am in just a few minutes. I love Photoshop, but sadly I’m useless when it comes to using it myself. Anyway, I promised to give you some data, so let’s get started.

FACT # 1 – Image manipulation

Recently, the BBC published an article about two advertisements that were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. Both ads were for anti-aging skin care products and both featured extremely famous celebrities. Image editing and retouching is mostly accepted, but in these two cases it was more than a joke.

Oh, and by the way, both products belong to two of the biggest brands on the planet. If you’re skeptical, just do a Google search and see for yourself. Now you must ask yourself why these companies would have to rely on deceptive image manipulation if their products were / are as good as what they say they are.

FACT # 2 – Chemical-free sunscreen

If you’ve been using an expensive “chemical-free” sunscreen, I’m very sorry to tell you this, but virtually every sunscreen on the planet contains zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide, both chemicals. If you see any of these mentioned in the ingredient list, I’m afraid you have been misled.

FACT # 3 – pH balanced

Have you noticed how many manufacturers of skin care products use the term “pH balanced” on their products? They do this to imply that their products are superior to other products; that their products are gentler and less likely to cause skin irritation. In fact, almost all commercially available skin care products have a pH level that is 100% compatible with your hair and skin.

FACT # 4 – Increases Collagen

You will see that collagen is mentioned in countless cosmetics these days, and manufacturers have gone to great lengths to convince consumers how important collagen is to their skin. Unfortunately, your body has to produce its own collagen because it is a scientific fact that this substance cannot penetrate your skin.

Also, if there were a skincare product capable of increasing the amount of collagen in your skin, the authorities would take it off the shelves because they would consider it a mislabeled drug.

In this article, I only mentioned and discussed four deceptive practices that are disturbingly common throughout the cosmetic industry. Unfortunately, there are many more common marketing tricks used to drive sales.

Remember, you can fool people without telling a single lie because it’s not what you say, but how you say it that counts. I can tell you that my product is “pH balanced” because the pH is within acceptable parameters; I can tell you that my product is “collagen enriched” because it is, but I am not obligated to tell you that none of this makes any difference. I have not lied; I have simply allowed you to fool yourself by my choice of words and what those words imply.

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