Find out what Reiki books can do for you

Reiki books can essentially tell you the following: the history of reiki, its main techniques, and the uses of reiki to help you with your life. This short guide will summarize the main points contained in most reiki books and will therefore help you decide if you want to invest in them.

First, what is reiki? In the past, discrimination and prejudice were essential to our survival. Societies were built on fear, fear of the unknown, and most importantly, fear of people different from themselves. This lack of understanding, or imagination as you choose to call it, caused wars, destruction and misery for millennia. Many times, these wars were based on religion; in other times and places, about ethnicity, language and even sexuality. Some of the victors of these wars established major religions, empires, and dynasties; losers were often crushed and their chances of survival were greatly diminished. All along, human beings, not many, but enough, insisted that we were all caught in a web of reciprocity and mutual brotherhood, and that we were all bound together by a mysterious vital energy. Reiki seeks to understand and use this energy to help lessen the suffering of others and heal their pain and illness. Along with modern medicine, reiki, which was first propagated by a Japanese Buddhist monk by the name of Makai Usui, claims to help treat pain and illness. Other forms of alternative medicine and healing proudly declare their separation and distinction from modern medicine, but a serious and respectable school of reiki will never make this arbitrary distinction.

Even as violence has spread throughout the world, especially in the two terrible conflagrations we know as World War I and World War II, the healing energy that reiki practitioners rely on has been at work. This is because that energy has always been there: it is the basis of spiritual movements, religious ecstasy and joy, and the reunification of societies. Now you may be wondering how all of this applies to you, a sensible, internet-savvy consumer with no time to waste. Don’t worry, we were coming to that. The ubiquity and omnipresence of reiki energy means that anyone can access it.

In this spirit, leading reiki practitioners have come up with the revolutionary idea that remote learning of reiki and indeed self-learning reiki is entirely possible and indeed a good idea for those who wish to participate. of the benefits of reiki. but you cannot afford the time and money to participate in face-to-face lessons with an experienced reiki master. This is where reiki books become important. Taking advantage of the fact that anyone can access the energy that forms the basis of reiki, many practitioners have begun offering e-books, hardcover and paper books, and distance learning courses. If you are curious about reiki but never knew how to find the time to learn it, a reiki book is the way to go.

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