FPÖ sees Greens “in the middle of the Ibiza swamp”

The FPÖ no longer sees the Greens “outside, but in the middle of the Ibiza swamp”. Christian Hafenecker, parliamentary group leader in the investigative committee, once again cited calendar entries from Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen as evidence that the Hofburg knew in advance of the video that had brought down the turquoise-blue government. He has a new focus on a green ex-campaign manager who is said to have seen the material before.

The former election campaign manager of the Greens, Joseph Mussil, is said to have met the alleged mastermind of the action, Julian H., just a few days before the publication of the Ibiza video and, according to the interrogation protocol, to have seen at least excerpts from the Ibiza video. Today he sits in the cabinet of the Green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, which Hafenecker at least needs to enlighten. After all, he also had access to judicial files from the interim Minister of Justice.

Hafenecker still suspects that the presidential office knew much more about the Ibiza video and that much earlier. According to a calendar application from the Hofburg there was an appointment with the subject “rumor” and the persons concerned one day before the material became known. The Hofburg called the allegations “absurd” and does not want to comment on them. At the time, consultant Martin Radjaby, a colleague of Mussil’s work at a bank, was involved in the events.

The FPÖ continues to see more green spots in the Ibiza affair in the person of the lawyer Georg Bürstmayr, who sits on the U Committee for his parliamentary group. He, of all people, is sharing office space with the Viennese lawyer who is also supposed to work for Julian H., according to the liberal parliamentary group leader. So Bürstmayr is a “submarine in the U-Committee”.

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