Haimbuchner’s corona disease does not change anything in the FPÖ line

The severe course of the corona infection of Upper Austrian FPÖ’s deputy governor Manfred Haimbuchner does not change anything in the line of the FPÖ. Of course, there are difficult courses, these are “always tragic in individual cases”, but nevertheless the policy, “which is responsible for everything in the country”, cannot go over to “throwing out the baby with the bath water,” said Kickl: “That nothing has changed at all. ”

Kickl described Haimbuchner’s illness as “tragic”. However, he does not know any more details about his state of health. He and the federal party have no information other than the media. It is the family’s wish that the illness be treated as a private matter. Kickl emphasized that his thoughts were with him and his family: “I hope that he can be home again soon.”

In the direction of the other parties, who displayed a certain “degree of malicious glee and malice”, Kickl said that a little humility would be appropriate. Because there were also corona infections in the other parties. Therefore, they should be grateful “that there was no difficult turn in their ranks” instead of trying to make political change out of it.

No one in the FPÖ trivializes or denies Corona, Kickl said. Rather, the Freedom Party is the only parliamentary group that has a “very differentiated and holistic view” of the Corona problem. And politics need a holistic view of the crisis, according to Kickl, “because humans are also social, psychological and economic beings. We reject panic-mongering and fear-mongering.”

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