“Hero Hermann: When I buried Hitler in the garden”

This novel begins in spring – but it is not a light-hearted one: Hermann’s father was a soldier in World War II, everyday life is characterized by hunger and worries. For him it is difficult to bear that the adults speak so little: “It seems as if the war is taking away everyone’s language. Those who are there who don’t want to tell about it, and those who are at home right now and nothing about it Want to hear war. ” When he notices that his mother is engaged in secret activities, he finds it exciting at first. But then he realizes that his family is in danger. The author was inspired by her grandfather’s stories, but also by the historical course of the last year of the war in Freistadt. Despite the serious subject, she tells with a lot of humor. And when it comes to spring again, the war finally comes to an end, albeit not without its last victims.

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