Housework teaches teamwork

We all want our children to grow into respectable adults and understand what it means to be a team player. Team players are successful in life, and the good news is that we can start teaching our kids about teamwork by assigning them homework.

No matter who we are, we all have things we must do; in essence, we all have tasks to do. When we involve our children in our daily and weekly tasks we teach them responsibility and self-esteem, they become part of the team. They are excited to help us and enjoy having certain tasks to complete.

Chores should be age appropriate but meaningful. For instance; a 5 year old can easily fold bath towels, it may not be perfect, however they do a pretty good job. They can also give water and feed the pets, help set the table, help put the dishes away, make their beds, and clean their rooms. Children are quite capable of doing many things at home.

Even if you don’t want to be a perfectionist, you should set some guidelines for your kids to follow. Chores must be completed to a certain standard. If the child cannot complete them to the standard you require, you should first examine the standard to see if it is too high and then examine whether or not the task is suitable for your child. For instance; some people can be very particular about how a towel folds. It is difficult to teach a young child the “Martha Stewart” method and expect them to do it to their liking. However, if you are fine with a normal square folded towel, your child will do very well.

As the family works together as a team to do chores, your child will recognize the benefits of helping. The unity this creates within the family is a great way to teach your children to work as a team and even spend quality time with each other.

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