How to break up with someone you love, without pain

It is a life or death situation when you already decide to end the relationship you are currently in. It’s never anyone’s number one choice to be the bearer of bad news because breakups are painful for both the one reliving them and the one sending them.

However, more and more people are getting better at ending a relationship in a less painful way.

It makes a world of difference when you know how to part in a kind and thoughtful way because it’s hard to be kind and courteous when emotions are involved. Common sense plays an important role in relieving pain. Examples of that common sense that can avoid any emotional charge are the following:

Ways to End Relationships #1: No Guilt

Never play the blame game and make the other person feel guilty on any charge. Pointing fingers is never a good practice, even if he or she is at fault. This will only extend the breaking process and deal more unnecessary damage.

Your partner will then feel guilty and will try to make things right. While you are in the turmoil, you may be tricking yourself into getting back into the relationship. Now isn’t that a 180 degree turn on what you really want in the first place?

Ways to End Relationships #2: Not Exchanging Gifts

Never give your partner any reason to hope that you still want to be in a romantic relationship in the near future. Gifts of any kind, be it an item or sex, should not be given or accepted. Make sure the message is clear and be firm with it.

Ways to end relationships #3: Leave no words unsaid

It’s best to say what you mean when you break the news that you want to break up with your partner. Never leave things unsaid and in the dark, hoping they will be delivered another time. End things NOW and get a clean break. You should not leave your partner feeling restless and dissatisfied about anything. It’s time to clean the air.

Always remember to end the breakup business once you have started it. It is important in recovery from shock and pain for both parties. Do not complicate things further and be firm in your decision.

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