How to get a job in Nigeria and earn more than N900,000 per month

Recently, I was totally shocked when I discovered that there are people in Nigeria who, despite the “saga” of unemployment, still earn more than N300,000 a month. (And excuse me, I’m not talking about medical doctors or CEOs of Large Corporations.) I’m talking about young employees between the ages of 26 and 35.

I regret that I cannot reveal your identity here for security reasons.

The last one I heard was from a guy who makes N930,000 a month. Do you want to know the difference between him and you? Easy.

He has rare abilities which is why he is highly sought after. The problem I have with many

Nigerians is that they stop learning after graduation. For example, someone who studied accounting in college has forgotten that he has to compete with other graduates from other universities and polytechnics.

So how do you make yourself unique? Going the extra mile. Please, I’m not talking about ordinary mastery without skills.

I’m talking about you becoming an exceptional expert in your field.

Today people like Beckam, John Terry, etc. They are the highest paid footballers in the world. Why?

Because these guys are very skilled and they took their time to develop.

I promise you that if you can take the time to really work on yourself, it would be the turn of the companies that are after you and not you, because among the other 10,000 job seekers in your field, you are the only one with a (positive) difference. .

How do you get these rare abilities?

1. Go to valuable professional courses. -I cry for those who go to these courses just to get

Certificates Time will always tell. Find the ones that are relevant to you and ask for them.

For example, CISCO, ICAN, CCSE, etc.

2. Attend related seminars and workshops

3. Get books, videos, audios in your field and study.

4. Do personal development.

All of this is easily done and you will be amazed at the results.

I wish you success.

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