How to store spices: some practical tips

Spices are what make our food delicious and tasty. Storing them properly will help bring out the true flavor of the flavoring agent. Most women want to know the best way to store spices so they will last a long time. Here are some tips to help everyone better organize and store spices.

  1. Keep spices close to where you use them. If you use them primarily while cooking, keep them near the stovetop area. If you use them while preparing your food, keep them close to your prep area. If you use them as condiments, store them near the serving area.
  2. If there are a lot of spices to store and there is not much space in the kitchen, you can sort them by frequency of use. Store spices most frequently used in the kitchen and the rest in a storage cupboard outside of the kitchen.
  3. It helps to store spices alphabetically like they do in grocery stores. This makes them easier to find. Also, you will be able to check the amount of a spice and if it has duplicates. This will save you space and money.
  4. Most people store their spices in the grocery store or in the kitchen. While we are using them, we could accidentally leave the lids open, causing the spices to lose their aroma quickly. Proper storage of spices is just as important as deciding which spices to choose to use in a meal.
  5. The best thing you can do to maximize the aroma of your spices is to buy whole spices, not ground. The latter begins to deteriorate after 3-4 months and more if stored incorrectly. Whole spices can last for many years. If you need small amounts, take some of the whole spices and grind them. It can also be ground in the coffee grinder and used.
  6. It is best to store spices in a dry, dark place. Air, humidity, light, and heat are not good for spices. They diminish the flavor of the spices. If you store it on a spice rack, be sure to avoid keeping the rack over an oven or dishwasher, as the heat will affect the flavor of the spices.

Although proper storage of spices helps maintain their flavor and freshness, knowing when to throw them away is critical. The golden rule is once a year. If the spice starts to smell musky, does not emit any odor, or changes color, you can replace it.

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