Instant Teleseminar – What is it?

In every business, marketing is a key component to increasing your customer base and generating more sales. The goal of online marketing is to capture the attention of as many customers as possible and let them know how your business can be of value to them. There are many options available to do so. Teleseminars are the cousins ​​of webcasting and webinars. The teleseminar experience is a live event that offers customers a more interactive connection while in an online environment. Instant Teleseminar takes the old way of teleseminars and modernizes it to maximize not only the trading experience but also the customer experience.

So for anyone who has hosted a teleseminar before, you know it’s more than just a production. There is a lot of planning involved before your event and following up with sales and potential new leads. There are also so many important facts inside the wizards. Who’s waiting? What is the average time they see? At what point did they stop looking? This is critical information that tells you whether your presentation had enough appeal and who exactly it attracted (your target market). It also indicates the high and low points throughout the presentation itself.

Instant teleseminars were created to be “high touch” webinar and teleseminar marketing systems. What this means is that it is designed to help businesses through the entire process of building, hosting, and tracking.


Instant Teleseminars creates a custom event page that promotes your event and prepares your audience. On this custom page, you can collect questions from potential clients to help you outline your presentation agenda. This page also gives your guest the option to print a reminder notice with their tuning information. You can also preview Power Point slides before presenting them to your audience.


Instant Teleseminar provides interaction over the phone and through web-based controls. This feature allows your business to know who is on each call and the ability to call a missing guest. There are also useful features, such as the ability for guests to raise their hands to ask questions online. One feature that goes beyond the average teleseminar is the take action feature. This allows you to choose the perfect moment to hit the “take action” button, giving your viewers a signup form to purchase that first product from you or even that high-value item.

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With Instant Teleseminars you can review the statistics after your productions to assess the highlights and low points during your presentation. This provides your company with information for adjustments you can make in future teleseminars. In addition, you are provided with a complete call list with the names of all the callers, but also their locations and contact information. This shows you demographically where interest in your business is peaking. Last, and perhaps most important, is the call number. This tells you how many people you reached during the event.

Businesses can benefit by using tools and resources available to them, such as Instant Teleseminars. It takes the guesswork out of all the effort that goes into and out of a well-organized production. The point of doing teleseminars is to reach your full potential, make more sales, and grow your prospect list. Why not achieve this through an all-inclusive program designed to help you through this process?

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