Interior Design – Decorating your Home Office

With the advent of modern technology, particularly the Internet, more and more people are finding themselves able to work in the comfort of their own homes. What could be more tempting than working your own hours, being there for the kids when they need you, escaping the grueling commute to and from the office (which consumes more of your valuable time), and avoiding office politics forever? ? Working at home has never been more ideal than this!

If you’re one of the most blessed people working and earning a nice sum from home right now, you might agree with me that designing a home office to be efficient requires more than casual consideration. And since you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, wouldn’t it be nice if it was designed as comfortable and pleasant as possible?

By designating the appropriate space for your home office, stir up those creative juices in you! Don’t settle for the kitchen table. Well, for starters, it can work, but if you’re serious about working from home, you need to have a permanent space where you can focus on doing business. Having a designated office space means there are no more excuses to be tempted to watch your favorite TV show, take more than usual breaks to curl up in bed, or find chores to do in the middle of your work schedule.

Take a quick look at all the available spaces and choose one that is free from the normal distractions of home life. It is also important to choose one that is comfortable enough for you. Try the guest room, landing, hallway space, or even a walk-in closet. All this can be turned into a suitable workspace. Typically, a 3 x 1 meter space can be enough to accommodate basic office equipment: a desk, computer chair, and a filing cabinet for essentials.

When setting up your home office, priority should be given to the provision of sufficient storage space, adequate lighting, and the overall interior design of the space.

creative storage options

We all know that unnecessary clutter decreases the efficiency of any area. It also renders the best interior designs ineffective. To avoid this, it is vital to have adequate storage. Office equipment, files, and supplies should have their own designated storage spaces.

You can go one step further and create storage solutions that also serve as design focal points. For example, you can choose a closet to store your files and house multimedia equipment at the same time. Or you can choose to use a roll-top desk instead of a regular computer table to add a more personal touch.

You can also choose to use selected furniture instead of rigid office equipment to enhance the interior design of your office space. Stackable wicker and wire filing cabinets can replace impersonal metal filing cabinets. You can also play around and buy decorative utilitarian items like wastebaskets to personalize the overall effect of office interiors.

Use proper lighting

Choose lighting that not only provides ample illumination, but can also be a decorative piece. Don’t rely on overhead lights. Attach an adjustable table lamp to provide enough lighting and shield your eyes from the glare of your computer screen. This will also save you from headaches and eyestrain, which result from poorly lit work areas.

Outdoor lighting is also an excellent source of illumination for your work station. Use sheer window shades in soft colors to let in light and minimize glare and give you a great view of the outdoors.

decorating your space

Release your creative spirit and celebrate your individuality! After all, this is your own personal space. Strive to create a distinctive look that reflects your personality. Feel free to use warm, soothing patterns instead of the corporate look prevalent in most offices, which exudes a cold, dreary, and impersonal effect.

Here are some other suggestions you can keep in mind when designing your home office:

o Try to paint your walls the same color as the rest of the house, but in a slightly darker or lighter shade, to link the space with the main living areas.

o Create an illusion of additional light by finishing your wall paint with a glazing technique.

o Customize your home office as much as you want. You can hang artwork and invite nature to bring in great houseplants or vines.

o Invest in an overstuffed chair and ottoman. It makes a comfortable reading area and adds a touch of undeniable charm in your home office. Toss in some pillows and voila! Your home office will acquire a warm and welcoming atmosphere that you can be proud of!

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