Jane’s Realty Game Review

Jane’s Realty is a time management game in the construction business. Jane has taken over the family business to maximize profits and take them to the next competitive level. Here he helps Jane buy land and clear the land with available services, then chooses the type of building before construction can begin.

There are two modes in Jane’s Realty which are the business mode and the design mode. Start with business mode first, as design mode is available only after you have completed Happy Valley: Level 3 in business mode. There are several places you can build your real estate and there is a map to refer to for these places. South Village, Smiletown and Green Valley are some of the areas it develops.

Before you can build a housing estate on a site, you must first build a water tower and a power station. Update them and you are ready to build the houses. When the houses are ready, furnish them with a bed, table, chair, or paint the walls beautifully so that the rental rates are as high as possible. When tenants move, money flows every month and you get the money to buy more land and build more buildings.

Occasionally, some rain will cause the trees in the living area to fall. Have the crane clean up the mess to ensure a safe environment for people there. When the power plant or houses need repair, get the right tool and service to repair the buildings.

Each level has a different mission for you. Some require you to build a garage, some require you to build houses and then upgrade to more expensive houses, some require you to build a store and the list goes on. Focus on achieving the objectives as soon as possible and you will be able to complete the levels within the allotted time. As you approach your time limit for each level, there is a buzz that reminds you to speed up your actions. Some expensive buildings, like the garage, need more money before they can be built, so build up enough rental money for that purpose.

Overall, I find Jane’s Realty fun to play as it really opens my eyes for the real estate business even though it’s just a simulation of a casual game. Having said that, I feel like this time management game needs to add a more additive factor as it tends to get repetitive at some point or another. Which means that once you have passed the learning curve of the game, you will be faced with the same scenario at each level, except for the ever higher goals set for you.

Regarding the genre of time management and also the real estate issue, I recommend another similar but more attractive game … Build in Time. Start your real estate business with Build in Time instead.

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