KV Mechelen Esports wins Belgian League Spring Split 2021

After more than ten weeks of competition, the Belgian League of Legends scene, through the Belgian League, finally has its new spring champion!

It was at the end of a final between the reigning champion, Sector One, against KV Mechelen Esports, that the competition indeed closed its first part of the season last night.

This duel was at least not unprecedented since these two structures have already found themselves in the same position during the final of the Summer Split 2020 as well as during the grand national final held in October. As a reminder, it was Sector One which was, at the time, the winner of these two decisive meetings!

The Malinois therefore hoped this time to contradict the adage “Never two without three” and thus put an end to the hegemony of the “Foxes” in this Belgian League. The “Sang & Or” are in the shape of their lives this year, no team having been able to defeat them so far!

But it was Sector One, champion, who started this final (BO5) with a bang. Well led by its Dutch Top Laner Benjamin “Zhergoth” Sánchez, the team will take their evening opponent by the throat from the start and thus show that they still had to be counted on this season!

The structure will even score a second point in stride after repelling an overly optimistic assault from the Malinois. With their backs to the wall and a little against all expectations, they no longer had the right to make mistakes in this final meeting of the Spring Split.

Led 2 to 0, KV Mechelen Esports will then pull itself together and prove to observers that their excellent course in the classic phase was not due to chance! A first convincing success followed by another crushing will bring the KV up to Sector One and thus push the two teams to play a decisive fifth round!

On their momentum and well helped by a perfect management of neutral objectives, the Malinois will achieve the feat of scoring the third decisive point of the meeting and thus prevent the “Foxes” from winning a new title in this championship.

The KV Mechelen therefore marks its name in the Belgian League for the first time in its history and in the process pockets the 2,500 € promised to the winner.

But the best reward probably comes with the ticket qualifying the structure for the play-ins of the European Masters, a competition bringing together the national champions of the League of Legends and endowed with several tens of thousands of dollars!

The Malinois will therefore have the chance to represent our country there and will thus have a great opportunity to make themselves known outside our borders.

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