Lack of competence, integrity and transparency: Bpost directors want CEO Van Avermaet to resign

They blame Mr. Van Avermaet for a lack of competence, integrity and transparency. This leads to serious operational problems between the CEO and the board of directors, according to De Standaard.

For some directors, moreover, it is accepted that Mr. Van Avermaet was responsible for prohibited commercial agreements when he worked for the security company G4S. “It is obvious that he will have to leave and the employees of Bpost know it too. They wonder how long he will continue to occupy his post”, comments an administrator in the newspaper.

Added to this is the fact that more and more senior executives of the public enterprise refuse to cooperate and have left the company. Since the arrival of Mr. Van Avermaet in January 2020, a third of the senior management team has left.

The newspaper De Tijd also reported Thursday “the weakened position” of Mr. Van Avermaet. Bpost experienced a 23 bp plunge on the stock market on Wednesday (8.19) after figures below expectations, but the spread was reduced to 17.2 bp at the close.

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