Mask imposed on children at daycare: “It’s illegal and unconstitutional!”

In Molenbeek, this is in effect in all schools. Rights & Freedoms calls on the mayor to back down.

Since the end of January, children aged 6 to 12 in municipal schools in Molenbeek must wear the mask during daycare while, for health authorities and political decision-makers, the mask is not compulsory for children under 12. years.

The measure is singular. And according to the Rights & Freedoms association, warned by two angry mothers, this provision is “illegal and unconstitutional“.

This association tracks the acts of the authorities which, according to it, deviate from the rule of law, in particular in the context of anti-Covid measures. She specifies that she analyzes decisions through the prism of pure legalism and not of health.

Basically, the municipality of Molenbeek says it acts “proactive and proactive“, following the appearance of variants of Covid-19 and in agreement, she said, with the circular of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, itself based on the decree of special powers. Both the school and the extracurricular (day care centers) are subject to it. And in fact, this text authorizes the mayors to take additional measures “if the situation requires it.

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