MeToo – Petition for the departure of the Berlin Volksbühnen director

After MeToo allegations at the Berliner Volksbühne, a petition calls for the resignation or dismissal of director Klaus Dörr. The Berlin Senate for Culture is “obliged to take the complaints and experiences of the women concerned seriously”, says the text drawn up on Monday: “We believe the women concerned.” In addition to organizations from the theater sector, the first signers include dramaturgists, authors, directors and actresses.

The Senate Department for Culture is investigating allegations against Dörr. According to a report in the “daily newspaper” (“taz”), several women have complained about him. A spokeswoman for the theater announced that Dörr was firmly against the allegations and, on legal advice, would not comment publicly at this point in time. The “taz” named various misconducts against women, the Senate Administration spoke of specific allegations that existed – but did not provide any details.

Dörr only obliged until summer

The Berliner Volksbühne is one of the most important theaters in Germany. Dörr took over the management three years ago after quarrels about his predecessor as an interim solution. In summer the director René Pollesch comes as the new head of the house. (apa)

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