Moment by moment: we define who we are and how we live life

We build our lives moment by moment and the building blocks we use define "our excellence" gold "defeats us" through negative mental attitudes … same moment … different mentality.

You and only you have the option to seize defining moments through empowered mindsets … or not.

Everything is in the moment.

The decisive moment of the election.

Negative or positive, what will you choose?

Negative: from a mind that clouds you and deceives you towards denial, disagreement or refusal to be optimistic, thus perceiving situations from a defeatist attitude that is built on moments that generate disastrous results.

Positive – Unconditional responsibility of a supportive mind to stay focused on "what you love" creating flow and a level of abundance every step of the way.

It is always your choice. It is always in your power to choose to define who you are.

Define moments of positive choice over negative yourself to realize that you create your reality through the choices that you make … in the moment … of whatever choice you have made … in that moment … you are enough and you have enough.

Realize that moments change through choices … a "new moment" you can redefine and build again. It is up to you to choose … differently … if a different result is what you want.

Do you want tranquility, grace and abundance? "be the like" in which you build your life … or not? Your choice … and "only" your choice.

When we define EVERY moment through unconditional responsibility, excellence occurs because when we choose to be unconditionally responsible for our choices … without judgment or blame … guilt or shame … simply becoming aware by allowing what was, and then choose differently … This opens your intuition to automatically guide you to the most logical and supportive step to build the life of your dreams more easily, through grace and to receive in abundance. It is what it is!

"Moments" it can last a second or feel like an eternity in the same breath. It always relates to what "you" focus is on … negative or positive. You can be real … without being negative. You can call a sword for a sword … that’s the reality … but when you hate the sword and blame it as the cause of your misery … for simply being what it is … that’s when you stumble and You fall into the never-ending trap of placing responsibility outside of what’s in charge … your responses to life situations. You can choose.

When you’re happy, moments seem to go by quickly. When you are miserable, time seems to stop and hold you captive in the misery that you have created yourself. Remember, one moment can define all the others and it is always your choice what to focus on … the negative or the positive of the experience. Let’s consider your strongest memories, positive or negative. Notice how your mind created the images that defined or established the character of, gave it meaning, delimited the boundary or boundaries of what you clearly defined by remembering a precise point in time, and how that memory negatively affected your mood. or negative. affirmatively. How it affected you was "your choice" of how you wanted to live the moment. It’s that easy. And within that simplicity you have the power to change your life … moment by moment.

Every day we experience thousands of individual moments. We breathe every day, hour, minute, second, micro second that ensures our well-being or frustrates our goal of how we want to live life. In some cases, a single encounter can change a life forever. Think about your own defining moments.

One moment can change us forever. These moments shape who we are and who we will become. We could be defined by a word of encouragement from a colleague or, just as likely, by a word that seemed to be discouragement … yet it pushed us to take a closer look at our choices.

We could be defined by a moment of victory or by not achieving what we said we wanted. We could also define ourselves by a moment in which we listen to our intuition or one in which we allow judgment to cloud the problem and it is eventually found to be flawed. How about the moment we commit to one goal or the moment we decide to go in another direction, each can be "our" decisive moment. WE CAN CHOOSE how we respond … negative or positive. We can define ourselves by the moment we come to a resolution to make our family’s life experience different from the one we grew up in or the moment we experience a positive illustration of "how to live … how to create" and decides to imitate it. Perhaps we are defined by the moment someone believes in us or even the moment of "honest" self-reflection that makes us change positively.

However, if we come and go, and choose to operate through two different mindsets, the negative / positive will generate moments full of confusion. Be aware. Be mindful of our defining moments, they make us who we are. Our path to being all that we can be, our unique excellence is paved with these moments – positive defining moments that we create for others.

I remember asking a teacher who had a deep admiration for what he thought would be necessary for me to rise to the next level. With insightful eyes and through his great wisdom he said; From what I see, you should probably focus. Focus more on performing where you currently are through excellence rather than worrying about your next move.

A defining moment for me and my forever journey towards being all that I can be through being excellent in my uniqueness. This defining moment taught me that excellence is achieved "at the time", not in the future. Because all we have is the moment.

Define your moment by moment. Each moment creates a powerful ripple effect that everyone can feel from miles away. Define someone’s moment today!

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