Must-have features in the travel business portal

Gone are the days when one spent days and months to come up with the perfect travel plan. Today there is no need to queue to buy transport tickets or walk from one place to another to find the best hotels for your stay. The travel industry has already moved from offline to online mode, a few years ago. Now the travelers are ready with their travel wish list, and it is the responsibility of the travel agencies to make their wishes come true.

In order to operate a successful travel agency business, one must need travel booking software. Your software must be smart and advanced to facilitate the process of booking transportation tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, who would like to travel somewhere with the responsibility of taking care of other activities?

If you are planning to start your travel agency, here are the must-have features for your travel agency software:

  1. Profile creation and booking process

The process of creating profiles on the travel portal should be straightforward. Allow multiple profile creation options, such as creating using an email id, through social media, or from a mobile phone number. The creation of the profile will be the first action that the user performs in his society to reserve tickets.

The reservation process should be easy and short. Be sure not to ask for too many details on the ticket booking form, as it may divert the user to other travel agency portals to save time.

If your booking process is smooth, the customer will come again and again to book their tickets.

  1. Customization packaging option

For traveling, travel packing is one of the important features. Nowadays, people are very particular about their travel, accommodation, activities, food, etc. Offering an option to add and subtract some activities from the travel package will help the customer to purchase the best travel package for their needs.

Providing limited tour packages will not give your client the vacation of their dreams. Gone are the days when people used to make travel plans based on the availability of travel packages at travel agencies. The personalized experience will drag them to visit your travel agency software again to enjoy the best travel experience.

Also, offer them multiple packages from a particular destination by making changes such as number of days, hotel stay, participation in some local and cultural activity, etc. When purchasing travel agency software, be sure to hire an experienced company.

  1. payment method

Please note that the checkout process is the last step to purchase your products and services. Provide your customer’s payment flexibility. Offer multiple payment options like third-party payment apps, payment apps, using credit or debit cards.

Since everything is digital and fast now, make sure your checkout process is fast and secure. The client will add their personal and banking information, the transaction must be safe for both you and the client. Maintaining multiple payment options will even help international travelers to book tickets or hotels without facing any problem.

The more options you give, the more audience area you can attract. You can hire software development services to build your travel agency software from scratch, or purchase a white-label travel solution like MakeMyTrip from them.

  1. multilingual and currency

How frustrating will it be to convert each word to a local language? As you run a travel agency, you will have a wider audience. Your travel agency should be for people from different corners of the world. It is your responsibility to provide a rich and personalized experience to all visitors.

To appeal to an international audience, your travel agency software must have features that support multiple languages ​​and currencies. These features will help you serve customers from different countries and your income will be higher.

There are many countries where people speak their local language. When booking any travel package or ticket, they will surely check the prices. What happens if you cut the step of transferring the mentioned currency to the local currency? It will be a great deal for them. Reading the content of your software will help them understand your services and they will visit your software again.

  1. search option

Today, we are just a search away from the required information. The customer will not have enough time to go through your software, in short, to find what he is looking for. Make sure your travel agency has the search option feature. It will give all customers the freedom to directly find the information they are looking for.

Also, you can turn it into a predictive search. When the customer types the keywords to find the information or services, a drop-down list will automatically appear below the search option. This is a great way to eliminate the long list of search results and help the customer find the relevant information instantly.

  1. Gallery

Will you blindly buy the product without seeing any images? TRUE! For the travel agency business, the gallery plays an important role. Images are the best way to communicate with your audience. Your clients must be looking for stunning photos of your vacation destination. In addition, it will help them choose hotels, vacation destinations, restaurants, etc.

Make sure the gallery has the best images. Try to provide multiple images for a single destination or service. Also, you can ask your clients to provide their vacation photos for the credibility of a client’s travel agency.

Traveling is not just a way to take a break from everyday life, it has now become a profession. People search for the best and most affordable travel packages. These features will help you create a secure platform for all travelers. He prefers to buy the pre-built travel software to avoid the huge investment and last minute rush. White label travel solutions like MakeMyTrip are best for people who are new to this business.

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