Networking is the solution for business growth

Interacting with influencers at parties and collecting their business cards is just one point of contact. Capitalizing your business on this network is a totally different ball game.

It requires due diligence and dedication over the years to build a strong network relationship. Once you have done so, it becomes a by-product of your success.

Networking shouldn’t be a temporary activity, it has to be an ongoing process, even when you’re not at your desk. Aspiring business leaders must learn the technique of strategic networking for rapid business growth.

Top reasons for networking

Why do you want to network with influencers and business groups in your domain?

Immediate access to all service providers and vendors

Rapid response rate for contract base recruitment

Full extension to peer help

Never face a job crisis problem

Third party references

Updates on the latest trends and technologies related to your business.

Share ideas with similar business groups

Common mistakes in business networks

If the success of your business depends on the networks, then why leave any corner of the networks intact, no matter how big or small your company is?

Unlike your business location, your network is not limited to physical address. It has to proliferate in all directions. There are many ways to build your network that are often overlooked.

Not connecting with other communities

When it comes to dating people, you generally choose the known route for connection, which is social media. It may look promising to connect through it, but it limits the spectrum of your network. You also have to explore another dimension to networking. Try connecting to lesser known communities like “Quora” or signing up for a “common platform for service providers”. There are multiple other online platforms where you can confluence with the same business groups like Tumblr,, tinder, etc. depending on your experience in the domain.

Not connecting to the Niche forum or group

If you really want to establish a close relationship with your clients or domain experts, join a niche “forum”. But joining many forums sometimes gets tricky, try zeroing in on two or three forums in your field. There are great companies that also join this forum to get solutions and you can connect with them instantly.

Does not justify your acquaintance

Let your client find you with your skills. Networking becomes easy if your customers know your whereabouts. There are very few networking sites that have a portal created especially for employees, where employees can create and upload their portfolio. It helps the employee in two ways, building their own network and establishing themselves as a brand.

Not paying attention to references

You should pay attention to references that come from third parties or from the provider’s site. Follow up immediately and honor these references.

Don’t use Reviews / Testimonials for networking

This is the most overlooked attribute by providers. Many of them believe that the “Reviews and Comments” are made for critics only. No, that’s not true. You can turn those critics into your potential customer. Ask them for “Reviews and Comments”, you can even request the improvement area for better service. It will help you identify your weak area and, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to build a positive image in front of your customers. So, always be ready to listen to your customer and link with them through Reviews / Testimonials.

Not actively connecting with coworkers

Connecting with coworkers actively helps you share ideas and gain knowledge. Develop this special “give and take” relationship with co-workers over a period of time. Your equation with them will decide how your network will expand.

Not connecting with a diverse population

It’s usually a human tendency to connect with like-minded people, which is fine. But if you want to build a B2B network, you have to break out of that cocoon and connect with a diverse population. Diversity gives you the perspective to think outside of the box and implement new ideas in your business.

Some key takeaways for business networks

· Make your social media activity a key part of your daily work.

Locate and join the networking site where other members sell your service or product just like you

Instead of generating numbers, focus on the people who show interest in your service.

Don’t miss out on the customer by not joining a common network platform or joining much later than you should.

Use software tools or plugins to optimize your network activity

To you!

What challenges do you often face when it comes to connecting with or finding the same business groups?

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