Nine Things to Do in Red River, New Mexico for Couples

The United States of America is a unique part of the world in the sense that if you look at the vast expanse of our country, you will find every type of climate, landscape, and soil you can imagine. If you’re lucky, you can find unique locations that provide all of this in one place, and that place is Red River, New Mexico. Not only does it meet the southern part of the legendary Rocky Mountains, but it also runs into some incredibly dry desert areas in the vicinity.

Red River is a picturesque mountain town often seen by ski vacation giants like Taos and Angel Fire, NM to the south and, of course, places like Vail, Colorado to the north. Nonetheless, Red River offers a smorgasbord of winter and summer activities for the whole family, but also offers fantastic times for couples looking to find a pleasant mountain getaway that is not yet adorned with visitors trying to spoil the natural wonder. . of the area.

Here are nine great things couples can do in Red River that not only make it unique, but undeniably make it a modern retreat for those in the know:

1. Candy Crate, LLP – Here you and your partner can enjoy a nostalgic little candy store that is loved by all. You can also try the famous Candy Mountain Fudge that has been a hallmark of this candy store for almost thirty years.

2. Texas Reds Steakhouse – Before you head out for some fudge, why not enjoy a staple of the Red River business scene when visiting the Texas Reds? Enjoy great food with friendly service in a restaurant that has been in business for half a century.

3. Red River MIner’s Transit – Relax by taking the city’s Miner’s Transit system. It might not be wildly romantic, but it’s a great way to get around the city while chatting about all the great places you’ve been and the places you still want to go.

4. Line Dancing – Line dancing (as well as a number of other activities) is available at Red River Community House at different times of the year. This year, it is available from the beginning of June to the beginning of August 2017.

5. Sand Dunes – Take a day trip together a little north of the Red River and visit the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. If you’re both big fans of landscapes and natural wonders, this is a must-see.

6. Art – If you’re both a fan of art, take a look at some of the area’s most coveted artwork at the Red River Gallery of Fine Arts.

If you and your partner have decided to take a breather and just enjoy relaxation, these last three things are worth it:

7. Aromatherapy in Essential O2 Bar

8. Therapeutic massage, facials and sugar scrubs at Joy of Massage

9. Yoga at Carol Swagerty Yoga

As you can see, Red River, New Mexico has much more to offer couples than just skiing, snowboarding, and the great outdoors. Obviously, if those things are in your two alleys, enjoy it. Sometimes though, it can be more romantic to just try something a little different from the norm. Have fun!

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