Pets: Snow and Twinkle

Snow and Twinkle are small and cute Pomeranian dogs that they have given us. They move around, then hide under the sink in the back of the house.

They want me to take them back to the soft mats and be with them for a while. They are shy, but will get your attention by looking sad, staring at you, and burping.

They are simple puppies and feeding them requires more time. Snow and Twinkle want a hot meal. They will not eat cold rice or floating dog food. They drink sterilized water. They feed twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. If the food is suitable to their taste, the food is soon consumed like grain-eating birds and chickens.

I let them run and jump around the little garden and play too. For thirty minutes or an hour, they discover the grass, feel the sunlight and smell the freshly watered plants. Like babies, they need the sun. It is happy to see the sun in the morning.

After cleaning the cage, they go back inside but the cage is not locked. Snow and Twinkle are often free to roam around the back of the house, near the kitchen. They can handle a clean environment.

One morning, Twinkle alarmed everyone. She has cough. I let her drink more water and wrapped her in clean soft cloths, got out of the cage and prepared a clean medium box to lock her in and make her feel warm. Snow was always by Twinkle’s side and did not leave her sister. Snow is Twinkle’s brother.

For one day, I closely watched the two puppies and did my best to help them.

The next day, thank God, Twinkle was fine and ate more. Snow was more than fine with his wagging tail and thick white fur like a snow bear.

Snow and Twinkle are really amazing!

Now the two are happy to get used to their new surroundings. Thanks to Mrs. Cora for sharing with us how to care for and love pets. Pets make dull moments meaningful. They show man that God creates a balanced world.

Here are some tips on how to keep pets clean.

1. Clean the surrounding pet every day. Lather and rinse well.

2. Bathe the dogs once a week, if they are strong enough. If they are still babies, see a vet.

3. Clean dishes so bugs and ants don’t crawl in.

4. Let them drink clean water, just like you give them clean food.

5. Wash used rags or rugs as often as possible.

6. Remember that having a pet is like taking care of a person.

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