Prepare your back-to-school kit

It’s back to school time. Parents know that this is the true beginning of the year: January is just for practice.

We ventured into the mall or the discount store armed with our credit cards and our school supply lists, gathering bookmarks and sheets from the bedroom and the brand of shoes that is hot this year.

It is also time to restock the medicine cabinet.

Whether it has been an active summer and first aid supplies have run out, or the family has been addicted to television and school sports are drawing in, this is a great time of year to make sure you have everything you need for those bumps and bruises, little emergencies and everyday “owies”.

Here is a list of the basics:

  • aspirin or acetamenophen (such as Tylenol) for pain; check with your pediatrician before using aspirin with children
  • bruise treatment (such as BruiseMD) for minor bruises and bruises
  • bandages (like band-aids) for scrapes and cuts – various sizes are a practical idea, and bright colors can distract children from scraping or cutting
  • calamine lotion for bug cocks gold rashes
  • sunscreen for everyday use: get kids into the habit from a young age
  • witch hazel to clean cuts and abrasions
  • decongestant (such as Sudafed) for colds and allergies
  • aloe vera for burns or sunburn
  • a thermometer – fever may suggest a need for a doctor visit

Having these things on hand will allow you to get through the busy Back to School season without emergency trips to the pharmacy. The last thing you need now is added stress!

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