Pure Clear Delta8 Disposable – How the Water is Cleared

Pure Clear Delta8 Disposable

There was an email that was sent to me about a disposable filter called the Pure Clear Delta8. It is advertised as a replacement for your existing toilet paper holder and supposedly removes contaminants, odors, bacteria, germs, and even more hazardous substances from your bathroom’s water. I was curious to see how accurate that claim actually was, so I set out to see if it were actually what it promised to be.

I went to the website listed on the product’s sales page, which also included some pretty graphic pictures. After clicking through all of that, I was presented with the claim that this was a miracle cleaning system. It also contained a link to order my disposable units online, which I clicked on. Before I had a chance to review the product further, I was given a generic warranty for two years, but nothing mentioned about voiding it in the case of an emergency.

pure clear delta 8

Within two days of ordering my unit, I found that my wife was cleaning up. She threw all of her unused disposable units in a clear trash can, and ours was also in the trash can. Apparently, she had also taken her time to read the manual and understand how the system worked, and so it did not surprise her that it did not work properly. The instructions given to me when I received my unit were easy to understand, and did not require any complicated readings or measurements.

How the Water is Cleared

My testing was accomplished with both tap and bottled water. The instructions instructed that I poured a non-bleached bleach based detergent solution into the “washing” device (I assume this is meant to clean the inside parts of the unit, as I have not been shown anything stating that other methods of cleaning are recommended). After filling the unit with this solution, I turned it on and began to manually scrub the inside of the “washing” unit. What I noticed was that it seemed like the cleaner was doing a good job of getting rid of all of the grime that had been built up over the months. However, the unit did seem to be missing some of the parts which allowed the water to come out a bit cloudy.

About an hour later, I noticed that my water had become a bit more clear than it had been previously. I decided to give the system a chance and see if it would do better, and so I shut it off and turned it on again. I did notice that the water coming out of the faucet was a little bit thicker than before. This just added to my enjoyment of the pure clear delta8 disposable not working its magic yet.

I have given the unit a fair amount of time to prove itself, and so far, so good. If anyone of you has purchased one of these systems, I suggest that you give the system a try for about three months. If it does not work for you, I am confident that somebody has already purchased it and is working fine with it. If you are still having problems, please contact customer service, as they may be able to help you troubleshoot your Pure Clear Delta8 Disposable at no cost.

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