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If you are wondering … “Does SizeGenetics work?” – Then this review will explore the ins and outs of the Size Genetics system to decide if this device will really deliver tangible results or not.

Well, first of all, the SizeGenetics extender argues that it will offer you the following:

– Stronger erections, 100% congested

– Added inches to penis length and girth

– Longer lasting sex and orgasms

– Advanced sexual appetite, due to increased blood flow.

But where do you get these credentials from?

On the grounds of being “universally endorsed”, SizeGenetics claims to receive 5-star reviews from GQ Magazine, Channel 4 (a UK television channel), and the BBC Those who claim label this penis extension device the “Rolls Royce” of traction devices.

GQ Magazine

Claiming that they did not pay for any of these features in the media, a reporter for GQ magazine used the device on and off for 4 months, and wrote in his GQ article that he experienced an increase of about 1/2 inch.

Channel 4

A Channel 4 reporter also decided to test the SizeGenetics system on himself, in his documentary show “Extreme Male Beauty”, and after 2 weeks, after taking a before and after cast of his manhood, he also reported a 1/2-inch increase in length. Reporter Tim Shaw claimed that he used it every day.


Although a bit “ironic”, as part of the push for men to stay away from penis surgery, Jonathon Ross featured the SizeGenetics system on his late night talk show.

It is believed that your researchers had prepared you before deciding which extension device you would include in your program (in case you got a bad reputation if you chose an untrusted device), so I might suggest that you choose SizeGenetics based on feedback. positive.


However, the first thing any man considering using one of these devices should do before deciding whether or not to buy one is to read the “fine print.”

It is usually found in “Terms and Conditions” or “Disclaimer”. Go there to see if these individual testimonial claims are from valid users, real users.

Unlike “acai berry scams” where all those free shipping policies are listed in the disclaimer that the testimonials presented are not in fact from “real people”, you should also check with these extension device manufacturers .


Therefore, as stated in the SizeGenetics Disclaimer in “Section 10”, entitled “Product Claims”, they state:

“All system / product claims are based on … third party clinical / scientific studies, customer testimonials, primary clinical studies, paid medical reviews leading to endorsements, vendor information or user posts documented in our support forums “.

So all of the testimonials you read on their site have not been paid for, unlike some medical endorsements which are sadly common with most products in many of the retail medical niches.

In conclusion, therefore, while this is a fairly short SizeGenetics review, what is written in the fine print should also be the decisive verification whether a product comes with TEETH or not.

In the case of this SizeGenetics review, you would argue that this product does.

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