“Soulmate” disaster! – Friendship vs. True Love!

I have often wondered about “true love”. I personally flourish in the feelings and the idea of ​​giving, sharing and receiving. It’s in my genes; my blood. It’s just my emotional personality and I like that about me. However, I am not unique. We as humans thrive on such affection and appreciation. We thrive in the bonds of love! We are meant to… it’s in our DNA… yours and mine!

When people come into our lives, it’s normal for us to end up putting “someone special” on a pedestal. That’s when life takes on new meaning! It is about two hearts beating as one, unconditional. On top of that, sex puts a pretty flowery lid on our hearts: happy and content in our sockets! True love baby, just for you!

And then… BOOM! Heart Break Hotel – Welcome!

Love goes to the boiler… A hard blow: the adorable “US” are no longer “US”! As the mind approaches reality… the heart flutters, like a broken record, a… ‘Why?! Bartender… for me a relationship on the rocks, please!… Sigh.

Seriously, you and I both know relationships are hard to maintain, but when an alliance falls apart, it’s excruciating. So, we get rid of love and change the equation: we become friends! And why not? We really loved each other, right? So now all is well and things should be in the status quo, right? Mistaken! Despite our sustained connection, our “love genes” start to kick in and two things start to happen:

1. We fight desperately while desperately clinging to our “friendship” in hopes of reviving our love ticks and/or

2. We return to look for love -in another place; with someone else. We continue!

Quick, Deep Thought Flash: If we got rid of love so quickly in the first place, was it real? Maybe not. Take a moment of silence. Think about it.

Hey! Wait a minute! While all of this may sound grim, I am a staunch believer in a true covenant of love. Exists! If it does. I’m sure of it. And once experienced, it can never be replaced… ever.

What makes a “soulmate” connection different?

He has a simple aura that demands to be understood.

In our hectic lives, we don’t have time to think about this “high-flying philosophy.” However, we are constantly on the lookout for you! As we go through the flow of life, we get into relationships, hoping it’s ‘the one’!

See, here’s the thing, though, if we’re truly blessed and lucky…a Soul bond creeps into our lives, quietly, gently, and surely. With love as her only agenda, she gradually has a “difficult to explain” impact on the duo. A once-in-a-lifetime connection… “someone who reminds us of ourselves” we’ve never met someone like them before!”… right under our noses.

This bond of true love is definitely NOT a fairy tale; It’s not JUST about gifts, mind-blowing sex, love songs, chocolates, Valentine’s Day, and teddy bears… (All of that is great though!) And contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT always a ride by the park; it feels hard, too, sometimes. Because?

Because sincere union reflects everything that WE need to fix in OURSELVES! Through struggles, fights, laughter, love, tears, fun – From sharing dreams, despair, sex, blows to the ego – To making adjustments, holding each other by the elbows or watching each other’s backs, these relationships stand out, for better or for worse, as we are shaken to be ourselves… in every way!

Awakening to our deeply forgotten and deeply buried true selves can be painful, scary but incredibly rewarding too! Through it all, we begin to be who we are…not who we “think” we are! Bringing home precious lessons for both of you…the strength and security of your crystal love and friendship being most important of all. With patience and time, these roller coaster “misfits” become…a “perfect fit”!

Do you find it hard to believe what I write? – Consider this: we know that everything changes… nothing stays the same, so why people? Why do we believe in the premise that people never change? People change. Yes. We are regularly changed by our experiences…and so are our relationships…constantly.

In Case You Didn’t Know!: What’s So Great About These Relationships? – “Friendship” already exists in them, but not as a compromise! It is a strong, subtle and unbreakable thread, which provides stability and is the silent backbone of the love cord that already exists between the two of you, as it stands the tests of time. The basis of these relationships is love intertwined with friendship… not friendship intertwined with love! Do you know what I mean?

Simply put, friendship never ‘replaces’ love, because if it is ever allowed to do so, then love has no room to survive! The DNA of love, including romance, sex, emotional intimacy, mind and body, all die! Genuine love will never settle for less… Or… give up its pure nature… just to keep in touch…! And if you had to “move on”… where would you go? He’s already home.

… It’s an ‘All or Nothing at all’ bond, given to us as a gift, from on high, that keeps this incredible union the way it’s meant to be… A true love relationship held together by friendship.

The ‘golden couples’ of heaven… the heavens call them by their special name… ‘Best friends in love’

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